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LG OLED is an example of a comprehensive approach to product development. An approach in which the latest technological achievements go hand in hand with care for man and nature. A number of breakthrough solutions, including the innovative use of artificial intelligence algorithms, ensure the highest reception quality, and the Eyesafe and SGS Eco-Product certificates ensure that our new TV set will be safe not only for our eyes, but also for the environment. How it’s working?

A TV that your eyes will love

LG OLED is an excellent image quality thanks to, among others Self-illuminating pixel technology. A wide range of colors, deep blacks and infinite, incomparable to anything we have seen so far, contrast. LG OLED models allow you to maintain excellent image quality even when looking at them from a greater angle, but most importantly, they allow you to comfortably watch TV for a long time without risking your eyesight. LG OLED TVs have received a certificate from the TÜV Rheinland organization confirming the lack of image flicker and low level (only 29%) of blue light harmful to the eyes and no photobiological risk. They are also ecological TV sets, which are made of the least harmful materials (SGS Eco Product certificate).

Intelligent solutions

Different types of scenes require different image characteristics. Effect? The need to adjust the brightness when watching, for example, scenes taking place in the dark, or the need to correct the color saturation when we switch from cartoons to Scandinavian detective stories. Perfect image, adjusted to the displayed content, without our interference? This solution is not only convenient, but also eye-friendly. In LG OLED, tuning the TV to the type of content displayed is supported by an artificial intelligence algorithm. LG OLED models support all the leading HDR standards, including Dolby Vision, and the latest TVs are equipped with Dolby Vision IQ technology, which uses metadata to adjust colors and brightness, obtain more detailed images in light and dark scenes, and enhance colors to everything we see looked even more realistic.

A good example of using AI solutions is also the AI ​​Picture function, which recognizes faces and silhouettes on the screen. It distinguishes between the foreground and background, processing each object independently to achieve the perfect visual effect. Artificial intelligence will also help us when, for example, the watched movie takes us too much. All thanks to the technology of the AI ​​assistant, i.e. ThinQ. Example? You watch your favorite series and forget about the world because you know that the TV will notify you when the washing machine is finished. Thanks to ThinQ, using the Magic remote control, you can also control intelligent lighting in your home or apartment, both in the classic way for the remote control, as well as by issuing voice commands in Polish.

LG OLED TVs are invaluable for gamers

The artificial intelligence in LG OLED also supports the sound. LG specialists have developed a technology to recognize individual sounds. The processor draws knowledge from a database of over 17 million sound points, on its basis identifying voices, effects and frequencies, optimizing each sound according to its characteristics. Effect? Unforgettable impressions not only for the eye, but also for the ear.


OLED. Eco-friendly

Safe for pattern, perfect entertainment. Okay, what about the environmental benefits? When you sit down in front of the LG OLED TV, you can rest assured that your choice was good not only for you but for the planet. At a time when environmental issues are so important to us, it is very important, so the 18 LG OLED models in the 2021 range use fewer components than conventional LCD TVs, thus significantly reducing the use of plastics. The production of OLED screens also does not require the use of harmful substances (unlike LCDs, cadmium or indium are not used here).

LG also uses recycled and recyclable materials. In 2020, around 20,000 tonnes of recycled plastic were used. By 2025, this number is expected to increase tenfold. Importantly, the saving of raw materials, incl. in the production process, this is a feature that does not only apply to televisions, but also to other products of the company (e.g. soundbars). LG products have received the SGS Eco-Product award from the world leader in inspection, verification, testing and certification, SGS Société Générale de Surveillance SA.

Comprehensive strategy

A strong environmental accent, focusing on climate protection throughout the entire life cycle of products is an element of the long-term strategy of the company awarded, among others, With the Green Heart of “Wprost”. LG’s pro-ecological activities include not only a systematic reduction in the use of plastic, but also a great emphasis on the issue of ecological packaging and numerous innovations in the field of transport.

Example? Soundbar packaging. Thanks to the design of the L-shaped boxes, the space needed for transport has been reduced, and with it, its environmental costs, including carbon dioxide emissions. Due to the new packaging, a typical transport vehicle now holds 58 percent more cartons. Their optimal shape also means fewer voids in between, which means further savings, for example on the filling material.

In September this year, LG announced that by 2030 it will be using nearly 600,000 tons of recycled plastic in its operations. The amount of collected electronic waste is also cyclically increased (initiatives aimed at collection and recycling of waste are carried out today in 52 countries around the world). In 2019, the ‘Zero Carbon 2030’ initiative was announced, committing to reducing CO2 emissions by 50 percent by 2030. In August this year, LG joined the campaign for zero greenhouse gas emissions Business Ambition for 1.5 ℃. LG’s Sustainable Development Strategy assumes a complete transition to renewable energy by 2050.

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