LG QNED 2021 65 “TV falls in price from Unieuro: 58% cut

If you want a top of the range TV of the latest generation but the prices do not convince you, know that this month is proving to be excellent to conclude the decisive purchase: in addition to the Sony OLED TV of 2022 on offer from Mediaworld, in fact, you can find from Unieuro a LG QNED 2021 TV at 58% cheaper.

To be precise, it is about the model LG 65QNED916PA equipped with a 65-inch diagonal MiniLED display, with support for HLG Pro, HDR10 Pro and Dolby Vision IQ video technologies, while on the audio side we find the Dolby Atmos decoder. Gaming is not excluded from the package, as we have the AMD FreeSync support, automatic low latency mode (aka ALLM) and variable refresh rate (VRR). The operating system is the proprietary WebOS 6.0 platform, and the DVB-T2 decoder of digital terrestrial cannot be missing.

Having clarified the technical specifications of the TV concerned, know that the price drops from 2,399 Euros to 999 Euros on the occasion of the Unieuro TV Summer Days, which will last until 31 August 2022. The payment can be completed in 3 installments of 333 euros with Klarna or PayPal, without interest, and it is also possible to take advantage of the TV bonus to get an additional discount with the scrapping of an old TV that is not compatible with DVB-T2.

The last detail concerns home delivery, absent for this specific model. In other words, it is possible to pay online but it is necessary to proceed with the collection in the store.

If you prefer other models, here is a discount of over 1,300 Euros on an LG NanoCell 8K TV from Mediaworld.

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