LG unveiled a revolutionary infotainment system for cars

Presented for the first time at the fair CES 2021 display MBUX Hyperscreen recently it hit the first production car – luxury and electric Mercedes EQS. According to LG, the unique concept of the car interior fits perfectly with the company’s vision of the future of technological solutions. This is to be the main trend in the design of electric vehicles in the coming years.

The solution consists of three screens, including a liquid crystal display, an instrument cluster (ICD) and two OLED displays. Thanks to the use of advanced technology, the system displays clear, sharp images and texts, and the narrow bezels without physical knobs offer passengers an intuitive interface with touch operation.

research Institute Production Engineering of LG, tasked with providing expertise in fixtures and materials, as well as advanced manufacturing techniques, has developed the core technologies used in the display: curved glass forming, surface treatment and curved display bonding.

Using them positively influenced not only the ease of use, but also safety. The new solutions significantly exceed the minimum standards for frontal collisions and collisions.

First copies Mercedes EQS have already been sold. Car prices start with the amount 453 300 zlotys.


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