LG’s new earphones use graphene and are the first in the world with Dolby Head Tracking

Today the biggest problem with earphones is comfort, and we are 100% sure that our new TONE Free earphones are the most comfortable earphones on the market “. The Korean manager who came to Milan to present the new models has no doubts: thanks to laser analyzes on over 200 ear types and medical analyzes on pressure points, LG has found what she thinks is the perfect earphone shape.

It is not just ergonomics, however, it is also quality, because the new TONE Free have been entirely revised starting from a new 11mm graphene driver. According to one of those responsible, the adoption of a rigid membrane such as graphene has enormous advantages over a small device in terms of sound pressure and reduction of distortions. Graphene moves more air, and therefore you also get the feeling of a more powerful and full-bodied bass.

The T90s, this the model of the 2022 version, are based on the Snapdragon Sound platform, so inside they have the small arm processor produced by Qualcomm which guarantees both compatibility with the various aptX codecs and the wireless audio management up to 24 bit and 96 kHz with loseless compression.

You obviously need a compatible smartphone and adequate audio tracks. The arm processor has been programmed by LG with a series of extensions among which we find the Meridian Headphone Spatial Processing (HSP), a filter developed by Meridian, a long-time partner of LG, designed for the reconstruction of the sound stage. The filter is activated via the app and can be deactivated.

In the T90 TONE there is also a first: they are the first earphones in the world with Dolby Head Tracking. The system created by Dolby as an extension of Dolby Atmos also adds the tracking of the head to the reproduction of spatial audio to objects thanks to the integrated gyroscopes: the user can turn to the right or left but the sound front remains fixed in the exact same position. The Spatial Audio from Apple, but with the signature of Dolby and for Android. Also from Dolby comes a new virtualizer that transforms stereo audio tracks into spatial audio.

The surprises do not end there: in addition to an advanced active noise cancellation system and the case that disinfects the earphones with UV rays, the TONE Free have two little gems that will surely please you.

The first is the use of medical silicone for the earbuds, a choice made to avoid the increasingly frequent irritation with low-cost earphones, the second is the possibility of transforming the case into a Bluetooth transmission.

The case, which also functions as a charger, has an audio jack input which, when connected, becomes an input for the earphones. You can therefore use the TONE Free as headphones for old TVs without bluetooth or for the aircraft.

Also included is a Type C to Aux cable, which allows you to transmit the audio output from devices without jacks such as many sports treadmills.

Three microphones, with VPU sensor: if it detects that the user is talking to someone, it adapts the noise cancellation filter to let the interlocutor’s voice shine through. 9 hours of listening on a single charge, with 20 additional hours of listening possible thanks to the battery in the charging case.

LG has also added a “Fit” model to the standard model: it is designed for sportsmen, it is more colorful and has a small rubber flap that helps to fix the headset in its seat. No Dolby and no Snapdragon Sound, but still the graphene transducers, the case with the transmitter and the UV system for sanitization remain.

They will arrive in Italy in early September.

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