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Mastella in line since dawn, Italy alive and Action are placed seventh while the League with Calderoli ninth. Sunday evening stop for delivery, then the verdicts on eligibility and draw to decide the position on the ballot paper

the race for the delivery to the Interior Ministry of the symbols that will be printed on the ballot papers of the elections of September 25 has officially started: once the symbols are admitted then there will be the draw to decide the position on the ballot paper. The days available for this task of the parties are three: 12, 13 and 14 August (ie the period between the 44th and 42nd day before the vote). From tonight the people responsible for the symbol of the various parties were already waiting in front of the Ministry of the Interior and at dawn this morning there was a queue in front of the Electoral Office, where you enter in groups of five.

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The deposited symbols are then displayed on a bulletin board. The race to the deposit of the symbol closes on Sunday 14 August at 4 pm. The electoral office will finally give its verdicts: admitted, rejected, sent back with a request for correction with the sole criterion of excluding acronyms and images that could mislead the voter so much as to induce him to choose a symbol and instead want to put the cross on another trait deceived by images, graphics, denominations.

The first to deposit the symbol today were the Liberals of the Pli led by Stefano De Luca, followed by Maie and the Holy Roman Empire list. Among the major parties, Matteo Salvini’s League came in ninth: the electoral issues man of the Carroccio, Roberto Calderoli, did not spend the night at the Viminale together with the volunteers as had happened in the last elections, but queued up a bit. ‘before 8 am when the Electoral Office of the Interior Ministry opened its doors. Calderoli confirmed that the center-right presents itself as a coalition between distinct forces with a common program signed by the common candidates in the uninominal and by the distinct political leaders of the lists running autonomously in the proportional system: Matteo Salvini for the Lega, Giorgia Meloni for Fratelli d’Italia, Silvio Berlusconi for Forza Italia. While the representatives of the single plank Noi moderati will indicate who among Maurizio Lupi, Giovanni Toti, Lorenzo Cesa and Massimo Brugnaro will be the political leader.

As for the center-left, Enrico Letta was indicated as the political leader of the democratic and progressive list of the Democratic and progressive Pd Italy, with + Europe and Socialists; Luigi Di Maio for civic commitment; Italian Left and European Greens must choose between their respective leaders Nicola Fratoianni and Angelo Bonelli or indicate another name. Finally, for the 5 Star Movement, the name of the political leader is that of former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. In seventh place in the row at the Viminale there are Italia viva and Action that run with a single badge, presented for all the Italian and foreign constituencies of the Chamber and Senate: in addition to the symbols of Action and Italia viva, the badge has the name in the foreground. great by Carlo Calenda, appointed political leader.

The night awaiting the opening of the electoral office of the ministry, instead, was made by Clemente Mastella, mayor of Benevento and leader of Noi di centro, who aims to elect his wife Sandra Lonardo alone to the Chamber in the college of his city . Early in the morning in front of the Viminale there was also the former general Antonio Pappalardo, holding the symbol of his orange vests, among the protagonists of street protests against the Conte II and Draghi governments.

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