Liberty Media and team against the FIA

The 2023 calendar of the Formula 1 is collecting various discontent, particularly from the owners Liberty Media who apparently have badly digested the method with which the official announcement was made, and the same goes for the teams.

Liberty Media displaced by the timing of the FIA

In both cases, the two main players in F1 were blown away by the methods used by the FIA to reveal the appointments of 2023, which will touch the record figure of 24 races (in any case under the limit of 25 set between the team and Formula One Management).

Let’s start with who owns the series and is also the promoter, that is the reality with the head Stefano Domenicali. Liberty Media, by virtue of its role, collaborated in the drafting of the calendar, acting personally to find agreements with the organizers of the individual GPs, while the International Federation led by Mohammed Ben Sulayem it then limited itself to ratifying (which also happens for other series such as the WRC).

The 2023 edition of F1 officially presented yesterday, however, it was made official only by the FIA, and not jointly with Liberty as is normal. The Corriere dello Sport today reports the backstory of the owners who were displaced by this move where they were ousted from all merits, then underlining the fact that relations between the two realities have for some time now practically reached minimum terms.

Discontent among the teams

But apparently even the same teams were blown away by the modus operandi and the timing of the FIA regarding the calendar ratified by the World Motorsport Council. The site GPFansalso reported by FormulaPassionin fact, writes that the teams have received only three hours’ notice to electronically vote the list of 2023 appointments, although the draft has been circulating for some time as it does in these cases.

As if that weren’t enough, the American triptych of the GPs to be held from 22 October to 5 November in United States, Mexico and Brazil it seems he has not yet received the formal green light from the teams. However, there should be no obstacles to the final ok, but the fact remains that the discontent for the method used by a FIA increasingly present in the first person in the management of F1.

The mess of the Belgian GP

Another detail that has bothered the teams (and not just them) is the conflict of dates between the Belgian GPtraditionally placed after the summer break in August and which instead in 2023 should take place on the weekend of 30 July, and the 24 Hours of Spa-Francorchampswhich takes place on the last weekend of July (so it has been for seventy years).

Consequently, it reports GPFans, the organizers of the appointment valid for the GT World Challenge had to move the event to 1-2 July, forcing other races of other series to adjust accordingly (the calendars of world motorsport hardly conflict with each other). Furthermore, on the altar of the non-stop show, the FIA ​​seems to have wanted to sacrifice the logistical needs of the teams (in addition to the fact that there is the absurd rule of the three engines per season, against which Ferrari has also lashed out through the mouth of the team principal Binotto).

Criticism of the 2023 calendar explodes on the web

But criticism has also been wasted on the web, in this case more on the merit of the appointments and on the environmental sustainability of the calendar. Diego Catalano tweets: “Stefano Domenicali, before the summer, had told us about a calendar organized on a geographical basis to facilitate the 24 races and to favor a green F1. All sensationally disregarded “.

Giovanni Vincenzo Donatiello adds: “F12023 calendar: 24 races, displacements without logic in the face of environmental sustainability, Belgian GP on the same day that the GTWC 24h of Spa was to take place, which had to move the event, 3 races in the USA , GP Las Vegas on Saturday. Everything ok for FIA and F1… ”.

And Steve comments: “The season includes 24 races, but was there no other option to group the races by continent? (Canada in the middle of a European bloc is disconcerting)? You know, to save on transport costs, on transport times, on CO2 emissions, things like that? “.

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