LibreOffice with language support from Star Trek

LibreOffice is a suite of office tools designed as a free alternative to Microsoft Office programs. To somehow stand out, the developers decided to add Klingon and Inter-Slavic to the supported languages. Star Trek fans are in cloud nine.

LibreOffice – a good office suite on board the Enterprise

Some believe that while Windows will reign supreme on the computers of the United Federation of Planets, the flagship spacecraft will be equipped with computers that run on Linux. After all, it is free software, perfectly suited to the idea of ​​learning about aliens, new worlds, looking for new forms of life and civilization (and so on). And if Linux, then also LibreOffice, an open source set of office programs. Its creators are already preparing us to exchange documents with the Klingons.

This is no joke – LibreOffice 7.3 will indeed introduce support for two new languages. It will be mentioned already Klingon and inter-Slavic, i.e. a language aimed at combining Polish with Russian. One important question comes to mind: why?

The answer lies in the nature of LibreOffice. This software is distributed under an open source license. Its creators do not price their product, and the developers cooperating with them are volunteers. In addition, open source code allows you to make the changes they like best or need. If anyone wants to introduce Klingon support – please! Other projects hate it, and the program itself gains a little more uniqueness.

This is what shows how versatile free and free software is. Microsoft would never agree to such a move in its office package, because it would have to fortify a similar decision with many contracts, pay a lot of money for it and prepare for potential lawsuits for infringement of intellectual property.

The Document Foundation, to which the open source Libre Office belongs, doesn’t have to bother with it. The authors of the package will not verify the correctness of the translation themselves. They only provide a platform for making changes, but they don’t play big censors. They trust Star Trek fans who have volunteered to include an additional language pack will not want to harm LibreOffice.

At this point, LibreOffice is available in over 100 languages ​​and translations for more are still ongoing. And if you want to learn Klingon, remember that three years ago it also entered the Duolingo app.

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