Libya, a transversal front is being prepared against support for the ‘Coast Guard’. Palazzotto and Orfini: “Pd is consistent and votes against”

Delays are nothing new. Also this year the Missions decree, after the approval in the Council of Ministers last June 15, it has just begun its process in the Foreign and Defense commissions of the House and Senate, six months after the start of the missions themselves. “Parliament is forced to ratify without being able to pronounce, in fact, the framework law on international missions is not respected. A democratic vulnus ”, is the denunciation of Erasmo Palazzottodem deputy and former chairman of the parliamentary commission of inquiry into the death of Giulio Regeni.

If the decree provides in general an increase in spending (“A total economic commitment of € 1,681,207,055, of which € 51,623,377 for new missions and € 1,629,583,678 for extensions”, it reads), with the novelty of a greater deployment of Italian soldiers in defense of countries bordering theUkraine (Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary, 1,150 units with the task of strengthening the NATO contingents already present in Eastern Europe), a separate chapter is that relating to Libyaalready a battleground in past years within the majority forces.

After years of unheard appeals to stop relations with the so-called ‘Libyan coast guard‘(actually managed and infiltrated by militias and traffickers), in the contested framework of Memorandum with Tripoli signed by the Gentiloni government – with Marco Minniti at the Viminale – in 2017, there is now a first reverse, albeit partial, in the next decree. The training will be stopped of the same Coast Guard of Tripoli, but Italy will continue to supply anyway technical assistance, logistic support, as well as spare parts for the patrol boats donated by Italy to Libya and with which migrants are intercepted and stopped, then taken back to detention centers, real concentration camps, amid abuses and human rights violations repeatedly ascertained by the UN and international organizations.

A line, the one chosen by the government on Libya, considered however insufficient by those on the center-left front who have been voting against the majority resolution for years, asking to put an end to the mission in the North African country once and for all. “Stopping the training of the Libyan ‘coast guard’ is not enoughthe Pd is consistent with what was announced last year and votes against ”, they explain to al both Palazzotto and the former president dem, Matteo Orfini, already protagonists in the last years of the parliamentary battle and ready to gather a transversal front (between dem exponents, Article One, the Italian Left, Mixed, + Europe and beyond) to oppose the mediation identified by Chigi with the Defense and Foreign Ministers. The one that points instead, as stated in the decree, a support the Libyan authorities responsible for controlling maritime borders, to make them progressively autonomous in the technical and operational management of the means they are equipped with “.

“It is not clear why, after having recognized that there is a problem with the Libyan Coast Guard, the protagonist of ascertained violations of the human rights of migrants, and thus having stopped the training, you decide to continue to provide operational support, What will be decisive in the pushback operations “, Palazzotto attacks, convinced that in this way”it pretends to change in order not to change anything“. And Orfini also continues: “Last year I had already voted against, unlike the Democratic Party, which, however, had said what it was like ‘the last time he would vote in favor (with a lot of amendment wanted by Enrico Letta who asked the executive to transfer the training of Libyans to the European Union, ed). Today it seems more an image operation, the relationship with the Libyan Coast Guard is not substantially changed, you cannot vote in favor ”, he claims. Like him, Nicola Fratoianni, deputy and secretary of the Italian Left: “Libya is not a safe haventhe whole operation must be canceled, it is not enough to stop the training “.

Also this year, as in previous years, the separate vote, in order to be able to express himself in a different way on the card concerning the mission in Libya. If in 2021, between the House and the Senate, there were only about fifty parliamentarians who opposed the refinancing of the training and support mission of the Libyan Coast Guard, now the hope is at least to increase the numbers of the front. And, perhaps, push the entire Democratic Party not to vote on a mission which, in the meantime, beyond the skipped training, provides for a increased spending from 10.5 million up to 11.848.004 euros: “I hope that the Democratic Party is consistent with the commitments made. We will present an alternative resolution and we will vote against anyway ”. But not only that, the long-term goal is also to “Cancel the cooperation agreements between Italy and Libya envisaged with the Memorandum“, Which will expire in February 2023, with automatic renewal for another three years if the Italian authorities do not cancel them by 2 November 2022. “The minister several times Luciana Lamorgese and governments promised changes, but they never came. But without the support mission, the heart of that Memorandum does not exist, so we are now asking to dismantle and cancel the entire mission. It’s time to turn the page and close that season ”.

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