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Mexico is in a privileged time and place. Its geographic location, its trade agreements, the amount of remittances, the value of the dollar, the high interest rates we offer to investors, its proximity to the North American market, tensions with China and Russia, the shifting of supply chains to our country The destination was highly appreciated. This phenomenon, known as “nearshoring”, is a huge opportunity for growth and well-paying employment, as we have a young and ready-made population in the most diverse sectors. Many of them bilingual, with master’s degrees and doctorates, are immersed in the management of new information technologies.

The only problem is government policy. There is no legal certainty. International agreements are not respected, nor are contracts with companies. It was also claimed that in one stroke the government can terminate the contracts without paying damages, fortunately the initiative sent to Congress remained in the drawer, but it affected the confidence of our country. The electrical reform that did not prosper but was lame does not guarantee the supply of electricity for industrial development. The purchase of plants from Iberdrola increased internal public debt and did not increase installed capacity. AMLO says wind power makes the landscape ugly and he doesn’t like “unfair competition” from renewable energy companies, which are cheaper than CFE’s operating costs. He neither understands the present nor the future, he always looks to the past.

And worst of all, he lies. “Don’t tell me the law is the law” is the famous phrase that scares away investors. “Not a tree would be touched in the construction of the Mayan train” and the forests were razed, and then the project was reformed. Another example is the support for Pedro Castillo and the refusal to give the chairmanship of the Pacific Alliance to Peru, alleging that neither Colombia nor Chile have any interests, which makes us stand out in the international arena, especially among Asian countries. Keeps with as defaulter.

When confronted with facts, even official data, his response is “I have other data”, which never appears. It is a crutch to hide their lies. Potential conflicts in the panels with the US and Canada over energy and mining are still latent, despite the fact that it signed and praised the T-MEC, although it will resolve the issue on a case-by-case basis. is turning away, to make the complainants appear and buy time. But it is a lie that we are right in the potential conflict, as has already happened in other cases of heavy fines.

Hans lied on COVID death figures. Official statistics deny this. And he still said that it was great that he was the one to face this pandemic because he did it better than many countries. Always minimize crises. It doesn’t talk about femicide, nor does it have consequences on public safety, nor on fentanyl. He says it is not made in Mexico, and then he sends a letter to China asking them to do research. Which of course makes him ridiculous around the world.

The crimes are becoming more gruesome. And security, along with legal certainty, are the two conditions for attracting investment. They do not approve of punishments for suppression of freedom of expression. The lying attacks on the SCJN have been condemned by judges, magistrates, lawyers, citizens and international organisations, but they insist that what the ministers and President Pina defend is privilege and corruption, despite the fact that the Court Returned the honor to that they sent some workers to close it.

However, Mexico has resilience; Brilliant. Our population grows, while it decreases in European countries, the United States and other countries, including China. Although artificial intelligence may eventually replace jobs, global migration will continue. The US debt crisis also affects our economy and creates opportunities with the cheap dollar. Despite the alert, tourism has not declined.

Thus, despite the fact that lies are the law, Mexico has opportunities to better integrate itself into the world environment. How would its financial situation improve if its government created a favorable environment for more than a decade? Is. Permits, regulations, certainty, clear rules, trust, are the elements to move forward. and become the north-south and east-west axes.

Of course many of us think that continuing to lie as law will not help these situations to arise. The 2024 elections will define many directions. And here it is worth stopping to think that there are undoubted elements in the division of the country promoted by AMLO. One is that his lies generate hope. The second is that the handouts reaffirm that hope and improve the lives of some areas, even as poverty grows. The gap between poverty and wealth is exploited to create class hatred. It is not about class struggle, but about re-issue. A history of claims by the poor against the rich contributes to successful polarization. The picture of the Redeemer is very attractive and fits the story of a single Redeemer.

It is no coincidence that it is so popular. There are factors that drive this. And although he himself knows that his model will lead to a crisis and he predicts it in advance, blames external factors, when he is exhausted with all public funds and the debt rises, the population hears a message of hope, even if it is a lie, and tries to make it law. Polarization is the weapon of the savior after all. Our vote is, both in the State of Mexico and Coahuila, as well as in 2024, to reclaim Mexico for future generations and not to miss the opportunities of this moment, which will not be easily repeated.

Despite drug trafficking and violence, it is viable to combat insecurity. Even when it has exhausted all public resources at its disposal, it is possible to recover growth, to keep the deficit at an adequate level. Internal and external public debt has increased without any significant infrastructure work, but it is possible to reverse its effects. So vote for the love of Mexico.

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