Liga MX: Here’s how fans will hear the VAR announcement for the first time

showdown between cougar and juarez football club, corresponds to first day of 2024 closing game of Mexican Football League is recorded in the history of Mexican football because this is a game VAR explained In front of fans.

This is how VAR interpretation debuts in Liga MX

Right at the end of the game between the Cats and Warriors, Whistleblower Mario Terrazas Chavez heard on speaker University Olympic Stadium After confirmation of eviction Nathan Silva.

“After an on-site review, My decision is a red card The No. 6 player for the Cougars of the National Autonomous University of Mexico. “

It should be remembered that the central referee first demonstrated cougar this yellow card because of the mistakes he made Michael Santos; However, after consulting the relevant departments VAR He decided that a strong entry would require the expulsion of the Oriyazur elements.

Minutes later, the whistleblower stood on the court and announced his decision to the thousands of fans who had come to watch the game. C.U. There was no hesitation in seeing their team debut in the new Azteca Football Championship boo the referee After hearing the defender was ejected.

Cougars win

Although cougar They only scored 10 goals in the final minutes of the game Eduardo Salvio Estudiantes scored three points in the 69th minute in their first game of the season. Ends 2024.

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