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Light and gas are now skyrocketing, a trick to save on supply costs, a real disaster for companies: this is what it is

The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine is leading to price increases in almost all of Europe, especially as regards gas, electricity and fuel. Particularly affected by this are the families who are suffering severe economic damage as they will be put to the test by the bills at an all-time high never reached before.

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Light and Gas as we know represent two elements of life for the single individual and for a peaceful life to be guaranteed for one’s family. Today, unfortunately, many families are faced with insurmountable expenses to cope with their own lives. The government is ready to approve a new decree law to curb the rise in electricity and gas bills. The topic is already on the table of the EU Council at the Versailles summit which opened yesterday 11 March 2022.

The extent, however, will depend on how the next international summits, namely the Council of Heads of State and Government of the European Union, subsequently theEurogroup and theEcofin scheduled for Monday and Tuesday next in Brussels. The most important measure so far has been that the elimination of system charges, which account for less than a quarter of the electricity bill and just 4-5% of the gas bill.

The Prime Minister Mario Draghi had taken stock of the situation regarding the measures adopted against the rise in the cost of electricity and gas, stating: “we have provided for the elimination of system charges for domestic electricity users and for businesses and the lowering of VAT to 5% for gas users. We have increased energy subsidies for the most disadvantaged families and we have introduced a tax credit for energy-intensive industrial consumers equal to 20% of the increase in the cost of supplying electricity in the first quarter of 2022 ”.

In addition, you know, many want to save against excessively high prices and the “trick” to halve supply costs has recently been discovered.

The “trick” to halve the costs

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The Police are always committed to overcoming the scams involving the holders of electricity and gas and many use very effective tricks to get the bills free however, following illegal ways and blocking the counting circuits.

An entire organization of criminals was discovered in Rome in steal energy from the national electricity grid, modifying some parameters with special instruments connecting directly to the distribution cabin.

Precisely the continuous tampering by the same has sparked the interest of the authorities even if warnings, sanctions and prison do not seem to have solved the problem, as the police continue to receive reports for reductions of 50% on the average cost of the energy components.

The results do not seem to subside and abusive connections continue from those who are not willing to pay and face the increase in electricity and gas bills. In these cases it is very important to contact the authorities and report such incidents.

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