“Like 100 Twin Towers”. “Weapon of the end of the world”. The alarm of the generals on the escalation

In the last few hours the scenario has returned to scare nuclear, in light of the recent escalation between Ukraine and Russia. Yesterday a Russian train with an alleged “nuclear kit” was spotted in a Moscow region. Inevitably, the tension has risen, although movements of this type could only be signs of upcoming routine exercises. However, the alarms launched by the Generalwho have warned about what could be the developments if the situation were to degenerate in a dangerous way.

Camporini: “Weapon of the end of the world”

There are those who interpret the moves of Vladimir Putin like a bluff, but in reality behind his releases there could be a very real danger. The General is convinced of it Vincenzo Camporiniaccording to which there really is a risk that the President of the Russian Federation could use the most powerful weapon of all: “Having the nuclear weapon available can tickle the temptation to use it to turn the tide on the battlefield, where Russia is not doing well“.

The former Chief of Staff of the Air Force and Defense, interviewed by Corriere della Seraspoke ofstrategic nuclear weapon and the effects it could have if it were used: “It would have a global effect. It’s the end of the world weapon. Using that tactic could show that you are ready to unleash thehell“At that point, attention should be paid to the possible reaction of the United States: “Since the US has announced that it would react in all ways, the direct involvement of Western countries could be realized“.

Tricarico: “Like 100 Twin Towers”

The signs are there and now everything is to be feared, even the worst scenario. This is the position of Leonardo Tricaricoformer Chief of Staff of the Air Force, who made a black prediction in the hypothesis that the nuclear option was put in place: “The Poseidon torpedo would have devastating but limited effects, albeit over large areas“. From here, however, far-reaching problems would arise, given that NATO’s response should be equal to or greater:”Nobody would survive anymore, it would be the end. Like a hundred twin towers“.

Tricarico, interviewed by The messengerstressed that with the passage of time we see confirmation of the possibility that Putin could use the most frightening weapon, “the torpedo capable of causing it radioactive tsunamiwith terrifying effects“. On this front he underlined a state of weakness and the erosion of internal consensus, in addition to the moral and material difficulties of the Russian military instrument. But on this there is little to rejoice:”Putin today is more formidable. If the drift unfavorable to him continues, the intention to use the nuclear weapon will become serious“.

Battisti: “Own goal for Putin”

The general Giorgio Battistimember of the Italian Atlantic Committee, toAdnkronos confirmed that the doubt remains that the launch of nuclear weapons will be useful “to condition the opponent’s military response capacity“. But the use ofatomic weapon in his opinion it would be “a contradiction, as well as an own goal, as Putin annexed those territories“. This hypothesis feared by Moscow could also be useful for”always keep the attention and concern of Western governments high, perhaps indirectly also to slow down the influx of Western weapons to Ukraine“.

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