“like Amber Heard…”, a specialist throws a stone into the pond

It was a real tragedy that took place in a hotel in Vilnius, Lithuania, on July 26, 2003. Then as a couple, Marie Trintignant and Bertrand Cantat would have strongly argued before the actress ends up on the ground, unconscious. A few hours later, the firefighters intervened and she was urgently transferred to France. Eventually, Marie Trintignant died on August 1, 2003 in a clinic in Neuilly-sur-Seine, at the age of 41. For his part, Bertrand Cantat was tried in Lithuania and sentenced, in March 2004, to eight years in prison for violence resulting in death without intention to give it. Six months later, he will be transferred to a French prison in Muret. He will be released on parole on October 15, 2007 before his judicial review ends in July 2010. More than twenty years after the tragic death of Nadine Trintignant’s daughter, our colleagues from Parisian Weekend decided to reconsider the media treatment which was reserved to him. Despite the damning autopsy report, which completely contradicts the singer’s version, many media have been complacent. “Like Amber Heard (ex-wife of Johnny Depp, whom she accused of violence), she was not the ideal victimsaid historian Christelle Taraud, who edited the book Féminicides (La Découverte). Quickly an idea of ​​shared responsibility was put in place.” After several months (…)

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