Like household appliances, it’s only on Black Friday!

Why do we love Black Friday so much – in Polish: Black Friday? It’s simply the best day of the year to go shopping! Because that’s when all stores – both stationary and online – organize the most interesting promotions and the biggest sales. For what reason?

It is simply a tradition that came to us from overseas – in the USA, the last Friday of November has been a traditional starting day for the pre-holiday shopping season for many years. All stores are open longer, and they organize sales and the biggest promotions throughout the year – reductions of up to 80 percent!

What’s more – in many cases Black Friday turns into Black Week, which is the entire Black Week. We know it well – as much as 35 percent. We follow interesting promotional offers throughout the week, according to a survey conducted by Allegro.

So let’s plan shopping for this time – not only Christmas gifts – but also, for example, all the things that we need at home. We’ve made an overview of some great opportunities to be hunted down during Black Week.

Great entertainment at a discounted price

When it gets dark outside the window and the days are getting colder, we prefer to spend our free time at home. The more that we have great entertainment at our fingertips. For example, streaming portals offer us the power of engaging movies and series. To watch them in the same quality as in the cinema, it is worth reaching for a new TV set at a promotional price. For example, the LG OLED 65C11 Telewizor 65 “, for which from November 22 we will pay as much as PLN 2,000 less (the price drops from PLN 7,999 to PLN 5,999).

Something cheaper for active people

Sometimes it is worth getting up from the couch and running outdoors, even in winter. Or go to the gym or plan a ski trip with friends. Regardless of what activity we choose, how many steps we ran, we burned calories, what is our heart rate and many other things will be counted and shown by the Casio G-Shock men’s sports watch. If we wanted to buy it at a regular price, our wallet would be reduced by PLN 629. But not in Black Week! From Tuesday, November 23, we will be able to save over 60 percent. the price of this watch, i.e. PLN 330, paying only PLN 299 for it.

Super promotional home appliances

We drink more and more coffee – and no wonder, since we come out of a good coffee machine at home as great as in a cafe. And the Siemens EQ.6 plus s500 pressure espresso machine, which can brew the perfect espresso and delicious cappuccino with amazing foam, will be available from November 22 for PLN 2799. Thus, we will save PLN 700 (a reduction from PLN 3499) – for example for the purchase of delicious coffee.

Cooking is becoming more and more often our hobby – the power of programs on TV and on YouTube, in which the world’s most famous chefs reveal the secrets of their profession, makes us willing to spend more time conjuring up delicious dishes. A good food processor will certainly help us in this – for example KitchenAid, the price of which from November 23 to 25 will drop with a bang by as much as PLN 700 – from 2390 to only PLN 1699.

Let’s be honest – vacuuming is probably the least liked home activity. But there is a way to enjoy your coffee and something tasty with your coffee when the cleaning robot vacuums the apartment for you. The more so that during the Black Week, and more specifically from Monday, November 22, we can get the Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro vacuum cleaner at a promotional price lower by as much as PLN 250 (promotion from PLN 1199 to PLN 949).

As you can see, when hunting for bargains during Black Monday and Black Week, we will certainly take care of our wallet. And thus we will join almost 90 percent. people who stated in the Allegro survey that during this period of great promotions they managed to get the desired thing at least once at a really satisfactory price.

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