Like Two Drops of Water! Natti Natasha Pretends to Look Like Jennifer Lopez and This Video Proves It

Natti Natasha

The Dominican left her mouth open to all her followers.

The singer Natti Natasha performed a show that has left all attendees with their mouths open due to the costumes with which she decided to jump on stage.

The artist did not want to leave her wardrobe so that only those who could attend would see it, but decided to publish a video on her personal Instagram account where she generated all kinds of reactions thanks to her dress.

The singer’s clip is already close to a million and a half views and thousands of comments from her loyal fans praising her undoubted beauty.

In the clip, Natti poses with 2 models but the one who steals the flashes of all the photographers present is the Dominican who with her attributes focuses all eyes on her.

“What a night” is the message left by the singer in the description of the publication and that her more than 21 million followers on the network have been left without encouragement.

Natasha has become a celebrity on the net because she is very active and often shares many of her activities, whether on stage or outside.

A few days ago, Natti Natasha was the victim of a joke from friends, who took advantage of the fact that she does not know how to swim and took her to the deep area of ​​a beach.



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