Lily Collins and the care of her hair in the beauty routine

Your hair can make or break a look “, claims Lily Collins, which is why she stressed how she takes care of her hair look, well integrated into her beauty routine.

For Lily Collins taking care of your hair is not optional. The actress, who recently returned to prominence as the star of Emily in Parishe specified as in his beauty routine it is precious to devote time to yours too hair. Not surprisingly, it has become ambassador from Living Proof and protagonist of a series of campaigns created ad hoc by the brand whose focus is precisely on hair care.

Lily Collins
Lily Collins. Credits: Instagram

Interviewed by Allure on the occasion of her new collaboration, Lily Collins explained how important it is to take care of your appearance and not to neglect the hair look. “Your hair can make or break a look. It can be a sad addition if it’s not done correctly or it can be the icing on the cake of your outfit“.

Lily Collins ambassador of Living Proof: how to take care of your hair

Having taken her first steps in show business at just two years old, Lily Collins knows perfectly well which ones are step beauty to be respected, especially if you have to attend a glamorous event such as a red carpet or a party. “Hair adds so much character to a character“, Specified the actress, who has shown off so many during her career of amazing hairstyles. Just think of all the times she attended the Met Gala, featuring architectural and elaborate hairstyles.

Lily Collins
Lily Collins. Credits: Instagram

The star took part in the Living Proof Party in Los Angeles which took place on May 3, 2022. For the occasion, the actress of Netflix proposed a long dress in burgundy eco-leather. On the hair look side, she preferred a slightly wavy crease, which highlights the coppery reflections. “Treating your hair well is a reflection of how you treat yourself. Before you’ve done anything else at the start of the day, you can take care of the healthier version of yourself and it’s important to choose the right products that make you feel that way“. For Lily Collins it is important to choose a good beauty routine that also involves her hair. Regarding her new collaboration with Living Proof, the actress specified. “It is not only based on science, but also on emotions And makes me feel my best“.

Lily Collins
Lily Collins. Credits: Instagram

I see hair as an extension of your personality and how you feel about yourself“, Added the actress of Emily in Parisexplaining how hair also represents the change we are going to meet. “It’s like doing a fringe, now I feel like I’ve always had them like this, I got used to it very quickly“. In fact, one of her beauty secrets is not missing hair product. His favorite is the oil anti frizz of Living Proof which she applies to the tips and bangs. “It locks in moisture and leaves a soft, silky feel without adding too much oil and also removing frizz“, has explained.

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