Lily Collins, at the podiatrist every week because of Emily’s heels in Paris

The old adage that beauty requires suffering fits Lily Collins perfectly. The 33-year-old actress, daughter of Phil and newlywed of director Charlie McDowell (who directed her in Windfall), in fact, confessed to Jimmy Fallon during the broadcast The tonight show the secrets of her impeccable looks in the series Emily in Paris.

The Netflix jewel (already confirmed for the third and fourth seasons), created by Darren Star of Sex and the City, in fact requires a demanding wardrobe. But – controversies aside – it has such an impact on world style that it has led fans to ask for the series to be set in other cities as well as in the French capital. «Maybe – comments the actress – but I would like it to happen on the condition that you allow me to walk with the ballerinas. Wearing high heels in Paris is extremely painful. I had to make weekly visits to the podiatrist to help me relieve the enormous discomfort I felt all the time ».

How do European routes differ from those in the United States? Simple: the presence of pebbles scattered above all in the historical centre. Is it time to put on your sneakers? The protagonist jokes about it, but it seems clear that it won’t happen soon or the refined allure of the story would be lost.

On the other hand, the fact that the young diva was devoted to fashion from the beginning of her career was recently reaffirmed during another interview. For the occasion Lily Collins has stated that she auditioned in the past for the role of Jenny in Gossip Girl. In short, a first step towards one’s destiny.

Looking forward to seeing her again in Emily’s heels, the actress will star in three films. Halo of stars is set at the circus, in Titan iPlays a girl who embarks on an obsessive quest to find out how her environmentalist sister died Gilded Rage instead we talk about the assassination of banker Thomas Gilbert Sr., played by Christoph Waltz.

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