Lily Collins cuts her bangs in Emily’s first trailer in Paris 3 and we want to follow along

“This is the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make,” says Emily as we see images of Gabriel, Alfie, Madeline (her boss in America) and Sylvie (the boss in France who decided to start her own business) appear in succession. ). And so et voila! Bienvenue French bang! Our heroine changes her hairlook, much to the dismay of her best friend Mindy. “Emily, no!” she screams as she sees her friend’s new bangs. But, as Emily tells her, “It’s Paris!”

So, new cut, new life? “It’s just a fringe. Sometimes people cut it when it’s okay, ”Emily yells at Gabriel. But obviously not all is well. Fortunately there Birkin bangs 4.0 that sports is not among them. First of all she gives her a lot and we wonder why she hadn’t worn it before her, given her Parisian-inspired style and her mood à la Audrey Hepburn.

There Emily’s fringe, slightly draped and long at the eyebrows, it is chic combined with different hairstyles as you can see from the first photos of the series that have circulated: from the half up, to the waves up to the chignon. With the plus of a bright lipstick that makes the whole beauty look super à la page.

A scene from Emily in Paris 3

Bangs in the fall, because that’s a good idea

After all, even Lily Collins herself has been sporting a really cool bangs for some time and we are seriously wondering if this fall is not the case to be daring. After all, why not?

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