Lily Collins in the bathtub as Phil on his 72nd birthday: Like father, like daughter

The Emily in Paris star pays tribute to her father Phil Collins on his 72nd birthday by replicating the same iconic photograph: “Like father, like daughter. Thank you for being a constant inspiration.”

Lily Collins, the star of the tv series Emily in Paris, portrayed herself in a bathtub, dressed in an evening gown. The photograph is a very clear reference to a well-known shot by her father Phil Collins, at the time of the promotion of one of her records. The great artist, ex Genesis, turned 72 on January 30th. By now he has retired from the scene, his physique now debilitated, but Lily hasn’t lost sight of the opportunity to wish him well and celebrate him all over the world, given that today the balance of power has reversed. Don’t believe it? Try asking an under 20 if they know more about Phil or Lily Collins. “Like father, like daughter”, wrote Lily Collins on Instagram.

The words of Lily Collins

Lily Collins made her father’s fans dream with a truly incredible, inspiring message and photo. A blast from the past for the many who unfortunately can no longer hear the live voice of the great former Genesis frontman. This is the message of Lily Collins, today very launched and ready with a fourth season of Emily in Paris.

Like father, like daughter. Happy Birthday daddy. Thank you for being a constant inspiration, a constant laugh and a constant legend. I love you so much and today I celebrate you big!…

Emily’s success in Paris

Emily in Paris debuted on October 2, 2020 on Netflix and immediately became one of the most important trends worldwide, to the point that three seasons have already been produced in less than three years. The fourth season has already been confirmed and this series has launched the star of Lily Collins, who plays the role of Emily Cooper, the protagonist of the series: a social media manager who finds herself in Paris after her Chicago company acquires a division in the French capital. Previously, Lily Collins had already worked on other Netflix productions such as Okja and Mank.

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