Lily Collins will star in an Amazon TV series based on the novel The Accomplice

The actress will participate in the next Amazon project based on the bestseller by Lisa Lutz. It will be the thriller story of two people who have known each other for a long time and who are linked by mysterious deaths

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Lily Collins has now become one of the main stars of the new series. The actress is now fully at ease in products divided by episodes and she alternates light roles without problems such as those of the protagonist of Emily in Paris to different challenges, such as the next role in the series The Accomplice.

Together until death

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The Accomplice it was one of the biggest publishing cases of the year in the United States. The author Lisa Lutz she has a career as a screenwriter behind her, now definitively abandoned to fully continue that much more prolific writer. About ten books by her have already arrived The Spellman family, first novel of a successful saga that mixed family dynamics and investigations with great irony. The latest work doesn’t have much in common with that first editorial debut, apart from the aura of mystery and great success. That of The Accomplice was an even faster exploit actually, reaching the top of the bestseller list of New York Times shortly after its publication in 2022. Such instantaneous appreciation by the public took little time to also attract the attention of the producers, who immediately sensed the possibility of transforming the events of Luna Gray and Owen Mann into a series. The two protagonists of the story were best friends in college where, to bond them even more, the death of a member of their social circle contributed. Years later, a new disappearance, that of Owen’s wife, is however ready to upset their lives again.

Lily Collins does stuff


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Series lead Lily Collins is closely involved in the project, which she is also executive producing alongside screenwriter Olivia Milch (formerly working on Ocean’s 8). An important commitment that of the interpreter, who accepted the role of Luna Gray without even considering the idea of ​​abandoning Emily in Paris. The latter series has already been confirmed for seasons three and four, with the third arriving on December 21 and the other still in the works. As if that weren’t enough, between a Netflix series and one from Amazon (The Accomplice exactly), Phil’s daughter also added another work this time from Hulu. Collins will in fact have the lead role as well in Razzlekhan: The Infamous Crocodile of Wall Street, in which she will play Heather “Razzlekhan” Morgan, an eccentric bitcoin thief and rapper who was much talked about some time ago. Lily Collins is ready to do serious things by engaging in many..series. Are you also looking forward to following her in her next professional experiences?

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