Lily Collins with her father, Phil Collins, at her last Genesis concert

These are the real discoveries that may shock you. Both the fact, in case you missed it, that Lily Collins is the daughter of the historic singer-songwriter and drummer Phil Collins. Whether her father, after having played in Genesis for years, must now say goodbye to the group due to his worsening health conditions.

When we talk about real discoveries that should leave you shocked, we are obviously referring to the absurd trend in which Christian Bale has ended up, on which social users have suddenly made a discovery which, let’s face it, leaves the time it finds. The case of the is different connections in the entertainment world. And to think that we have known about Nicolas Cage for years how Francis Ford Coppola’s nephew is, despite the fact that he has even changed his name to make a career entirely of him. Instead, when we are faced with identical surnames, we automatically think of a case of homonymy.

In this case, the protagonist is Lily Collins, who recently worked on the second season of a particularly controversial Netflix series: find our review of Emily In Paris 2 here. But who is also the daughter of Phil Collinshistoric singer-songwriter and Genesis drummer, who has now reached the venerable age of 71. For the recording pillar of the last century, however, it has arrived time to retireafter the tour The Last Domino? reunited the band after 14 years without concerts. The London performance on March 26 should put an end to the tour and, in fact, to Collins’ career in Genesis.

To motivate the abandonment his worsening health conditions, which now prevent him (and have prevented him) from playing the drums. A spinal injury and diabetes forced him to change his shows. The legendary drummer now sings seated for most of his performances. To replace him on the drums, in this event, his son Nic just 20 years oldalthough Collins did let the Guardian know: “Of course, my health changes things, sitting the show changes things. But I’ve actually found that on my recent solo tours she didn’t get in the way. The audience was still listening and responding vigorously. I wouldn’t have signed it, but that’s how it went”.

The daughter, for her part, proudly celebrated her father’s last performance with her historic group: “This night marks the end of an era. Attending this last show was truly the memory of a lifetime and an event that I will carry in my heart forever. To say that I am infinitely grateful would not do it justice, however. Much love was left on that stage and an even greater amount shared among an audience that didn’t want it to end. Thanks Genesis for the memories, thanks dad for being such an inspiration and thanks to Nic for making me the proudest sister ever. Fifty years of songs later, there will still be more new generations ready to celebrate youeven long after this tour is over”.

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