Lily James plays Cinderella in the movie. Just see what it came in for the premiere

Lily James is 25 and has just played Cinderella in movie with the same title. The actress promoted it on Friday at the Berlinale festival and for this occasion she chose a pale pink satin dress from Dior, which Cinderella himself would not be ashamed of. Besides, it is delicate makeupmodest jewelery and hair loosely falling on the shoulders – all this meant that in such a styling she could successfully go to the prince’s ball the same evening. There were also the most important element of the fairy tale, i.e. slippers. The ones she chose – shiny and set with stones from Jimmy Choo – she could easily lose a fairy-tale character just before midnight.


The similarity of the dress and the entire styling to the one that Cinderella could choose was also noticed by foreign portals.

Lily James had her own Cinderella moment from Dior –
he was writing

And still on that tone.

Try to say that she didn’t come to the red carpet in a pumpkin carriage.

The drape dress on the red carpet caused some trouble. At one point, when James hooked her with a slipper, Cate Blanchett herself came to the rescue, who in the film played the nomen omen in the evil stepmother.

In the new movie, she plays the bad stepmother, but Cate Blanchett proved that she was far from this character in real life and helped Liilly James at the premiere –
he was writing Daily Mail.

Then they both laughed at the situation. How do you like the Cinderella creation – red carpet version anno domini 2015?


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