Lily-Rose Depp celebrates 23 years (while dad Johnny awaits the verdict of the trial against Amber Heard)

Lily-Rose Depp celebrated 23 years posting two of hers on Instagram new (beautiful) photos in which she sports a pink dress and a sash with written on it “Birthday Princess”. In addition, the girl has published a shot of a bouquet of flowers, in shades of pink too. The model and actress, daughter of Johnny Depp And Vanessa Paradiseblew out the candles just as the end of the trial (of horrors) brought by the father against his ex-wife is approaching Amber Heard. On May 27, the lawyers of the two parties in the case played all out with the closing arguments. The verdict will come in the next few days. Naturally there is no trace of all this in the post with which Lily-Rose celebrated her birthday on May 27th. But certainly the girl is following with great apprehension the bloodiest trial in the history of Hollywood. Also because both she and her brother Jack Amber Heard never liked it.

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And in fact at the marriage between the two actors, celebrated in the Bahamas in 2015 (and finished in 2016) Lily-Rose was not there: «My daughter didn’t come to the wedding», Depp said during the defamation trial (with a $50 million claim) filed against his ex-wife. «She and Mrs. Heard did not get along, for various reasons». It is not the first time that Depp mentions his children in the courtroom. Last April, at the beginning of the trial, the star had explained that he had sued his ex-wife for defend himself but also the two boys had from Vanessa Paradisewho for months have seen him painted by the press as a beater of women: «I want to free them from this horrible falsehood about their father. It’s awful that my kids at school have been accosted by people waving the infamous cover of People with Miss Heard with a bruise on her face.’

Two years ago Depp confessed that in theendless legal battle against Amber Heard own the children were his “lifeline”. Only thanks to them, he said, he managed not to sink after the stormy divorce. The boys have always given him all their support. Just recently Lily-Rose, in a later deleted Instagram post, wrote: «My father is the sweetest and most loving person I know. He is a wonderful father to me and my brother. And anyone who knows him will not be able to say anything different.” The girl is only 23 years old (just completed), but her ideas are very clear. And apparently she will always be on her dad’s side. As indeed mother Vanessa Paradis, who three years ago, after Heard had accused Depp of domestic violenceabout his ex-partner he had declared: «I’ve known him for 25 years oldI was his partner for 14, together we have grown two sons. Johnny is a generous person, careful and kind».

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