Lily-Rose Depp, fiery declaration to 07 Shake, Bye bye Kev Adams and Leonardo DiCaprio! (Photo)

During the period of health crisis, a rumor ignited the tabloids, claiming that Lily-Rose Depp, the daughter of Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp, was secretly immersed in a love affair with Kev Adams.

However, this rumor and other speculation regarding her love life have been dispelled by the 24-year-old actress herself.

Indeed, Lily-Rose Depp has revealed her true romantic relationship with rapper 07 Shake. The two young women do not hesitate to share their complicity on social media platforms. “Me and Prince Charming,” teased Lily-Rose Depp on her Instagram account, meaning with humor that her heart is already taken.

This clarification also appears to be a subtle response to a rumor spread by Oops, which featured her alongside Kev Adams. In addition, People Story had advanced an alleged affair with Leonardo DiCaprio. By revealing her relationship with 07 Shake, Lily-Rose Depp reaffirms her ability to express herself authentically and keep the gossip away from the celebrity world.
She is in a relationship with this rapper from New Jersey who has shared her life since last spring.

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