Lily-Rose is in a relationship with Depp 070 Shake: It’s love!

Lily-Rose Depp has caused a stir for her role in the highly controversial series Sculpture, after his appearance Cannes Film Festival To present the series, she comforted herself in the arms of Danielle Balbuena, aka 070 Shake. Love is in the air between the two young ladies and it seems serious. The actress has recently made a disclosure on her Instagram account.

Lily-Rose Depp as a couple

Lily-Rose Depp has had several high-profile relationships, including with Timothée Chalamet and Austin Butler. This time, she announced her relationship with Daniel Balbuena, a rapper better known by his moniker 070 Shake, through her Instagram account. Star of the series on 12 May Sculpture shared a photo of a passionate kiss with her partner of four months, with the caption: “4 Months With My Crush”.

The relationship quickly spread across the web. According to Daily NewsThe relationship has been approved by Johnny Depp who is happy for his daughter. He looks at her very fondly and is happy to have chosen his daughter as a musician who, according to the actor, shares similar personality traits with him.

an important moment in Cannes Film Festival

series Sculpture screened during Cannes Film Festival, Critics criticized the show for containing vulgar scenes, repeating stereotypes about women in Hollywood. Despite these criticisms, director Sam Levinson remained calm and insisted on defending his idea.

According to Sam Levinson, anything innovative can be controversial, and that’s what this show is about. “I think sometimes revolutionary things are taken to extremes (…) We know we’ve made a provocative series”., It’s a view shared by Lily-Rose Depp, who had to speak out in support of the director and actor weekend, Indeed, an article by Rolling stone In a relationship with Danielle Balbuena described the filming environment as humiliating for the young actress.

Danielle Balbuena is in a relationship with Lily-Rose Depp

Daniel Balbuena is an American rapper who goes by the stage name 070 Shake. He chose the identity 070 because he belongs to the 070 Collective, the numbers 070 representing the zip code for New Jersey. Shaq started his music career in 2015, he released the tracks Proud And swerwin, rapper starts posting his songs soundcloud, it is with pieces Proud that he attracted the attention of Yesjulz. The latter contacted Shayk and offered him to be her manager.

Then Shake was seen by Kanye West, she signed to the label Sweet music Of this. Shake also lent his voice to the compositions. Ghost town And Violent crime by Kanye West. both sounds entered the top 40 Billboard Hot 100 Chart, In 2020, 070 Shake released his album modus vivendiAfter you can’t kill me, in 2022. His albums are successful. Shaq also did a feat with Ray for his song escapism who were in the top 22 hot 11 UK.

Lily-Rose Depp and 070 Shake

Lily-Rose Depp has been in a relationship with 070 Shake since January. Both the actors share the same thoughts about their sexuality. In 2018, Shaq told the magazine pitchfork She did not want to be identified by her sexual orientation. “I don’t like to identify myself as gay or lesbian. I like girls, that’s all”the rapper said.

Meanwhile, Lily-Rose Depp already said the same thing in 2015 with her message: “If you love something or someone one day, go for it, and if you love something else the next day, no problem”, For the young actress, exposing her relationship with Shayk till the big day is not a big deal, she has the right to love whoever she wants, without having to justify herself.


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