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In Western culture, number eight It also symbolizes balance. This is reflected in many aspects of life such as work-life balance, gender equality, symmetry of freedom and responsibility. This quality of harmony is what we all seek in life.

Tarot Card of the Day: August 8, 2023

of tarot card 8 Justice. On the spread, it symbolizes a beautiful woman wearing a crown of power, with a fitting image drawn with scales and a sword. like, numerologyInitialization tarot It is also a reflection of balance, strength and victory.

Ritual at Portal del Leon

and now you know What does Liongate mean?By the way, this is also relevant. Leo energyI’ll leave a few Ritual Ideas for the Day. Remember to focus and imagine that everything you want is possible and the Universe has already made it available to you.

Laurel Ritual of Prosperity

Thanks to the fact that this plant has energetic power (which is closely related to satiety), it is essential in manifesting the success we seek in life.To run this laurel ceremony, you just need to take a few dry leaves and a tablespoon of sugar. to place bay leaves and sugar Incense. Light a fire and spread it around the house, spreading smoke to attract prosperity.

This plant has the power to purify the air and attract wealth.

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Ritual with seeds and coins

Get a variety of seeds and place them in a glass bowl.Then add 8 coins It has the shape of a circle.Visualize them side by side Eight about your goals and dreams.

Ritual with candles

and 8 pmlight a white candle and write it on a piece of paper. 8 goals what you really want. Close your eyes and imagine yourself fulfilling each condition.fold the sheet Eight Divide it into equal parts and place it under your pillow. The next morning, burn the paper and give thanks for each written wish as if it had already come true.

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