Lionel Messi explodes in subscriber count

Apple TV+ streaming platform has managed to exceed its objectives in terms of subscribers, thanks to Lionel Messi and the MLS season pass.

Since joining MLS, the main professional soccer league in North America, Lionel Messi Has scored seven goals in only four League Cup games. While the 36-year-old’s shirts are selling like hotcakes, the Argentina striker has also helped boost subscription numbers Apple TV Through the MLS Season Pass which allows fans around the world to watch their matches alongside Inter Miami, a franchise owned by David Beckham, Marcelo Claure, Jorge and Jose Mas and Masayoshi Son.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said:

We are delighted with our partnership with Major League Soccer (MLS), and we are delighted to see Lionel Messi wearing an Inter Miami shirt. It is clear that we are only at the beginning, but we are exceeding our expectations in terms of clients, and the fact that Messi has gone to Inter Miami has helped us somewhat, so we are very excited there. .

“Messy-mania” Is Hitting the United States and South Florida

Inter Miami co-owner David Beckham recently spoke to The Athletic about the impact and legacy he hopes Lionel Messi will bring to football in the country:

Lionel Messi has won everything you can win as a player. The World Cup would have been icing on the cake. He saw it as a project, a legacy, and I don’t think many players see that. He understood that he could not only change the face of football in this country but also inspire the next generation. There’s no better way to do that than to walk into our place in Miami and see all the kids talking about it, watching it and learning. It is also about making the sport bigger and better in this country – it can do it, it will do it and it has done it. It’s not just Miami talking about Leo, it’s the whole of America, the whole world.

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