Lionel Messi is protected by his bodyguard even in the middle of a match in Miami


Yacine Cheuko, paid by Inter Miami (United States) to keep an eye on the Argentine star, is a former US soldier specializing in martial arts.

Lionel Messi is certainly never left unprotected. Since signing with Inter Miami in the American Championship last July, the Argentine football star has benefited from the services of a new bodyguard, Yacine Cheuko. As per reports, he has apparently received instructions not to let his client move an inch, wherever he is and has been paid by the club dispatch,

Video posted on Thursday by a sports journalist on X (formerly Twitter) shows a security professional stationed at the edge of the pitch on which Lionel Messi plays. The man is a former United States Army soldier whom his Instagram account presents as an expert in martial arts, he always walks across the lawn to be ready for “La Pulga”.

Safety during and after sports

Thus he is closer to the players than the security guards of the stadium. The footage showed dutiful bodyguards running onto the field to shield Lionel Messi from any unwanted contact as soon as the final whistle sounded. And he’s also very reactive in the middle of a meeting, as shown in a sequence where we see him fending off an intruder while running towards a seven-fold golden ball.

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