Lionel Messi’s birthday: 35 reasons to smile!

Lionel Messi's birthday: 35 reasons to smile!

The boy in Rosario really is surreal and, as everyone already knows, Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccittini has had a colossal career. He’s a little guy who beat his Goliaths and brought his touch of magic to the world. He is, without a doubt, a giant, and to celebrate his day, why not do something extravagant? See this tribute to the birthday of Lionel Messi.

Lionel Messi’s birthday: a boy of adversity

In short, its history is already known, but unfortunately, there is always someone who doesn’t value it. A poor boy from Rosário who, in order to grow physically, had to go through several stimuli to become taller. It’s not really big, but it was enough to double in size with its glories on the field.

The seal of the Albiceleste and the most golden pibe

To wit, lest you be deceived, Lionel Messi he was once heavily criticized in the selection, but now it’s hard to find one who doesn’t love him. Messi had its ups and downs Albiceleste, however, today, the short man is in the heights commanding his country happily. Your Majesty, the eternal Gold Pie, maradona, I already said: this will be the successor that will guide you to the end of my journey.

The most beautiful of the career

imagine the maraca crowded… players on the field… crowd screaming, maddened… imagine maradona at that party! Even without full twisting, maradona I would scream for five grand in that game.

To close this night of the Argentines with a flourish, all that was needed was rain, as it would be signs that from the sky maradona cried for joy and blessed his people with his water “maradoniana” and finally gives redemption to his successor. So, giving the Messi what’s yours for a day… Argentina.

historic moment see Messi cry, blush with emotion, scream, be what all Argentines wanted him to be… just one of them.

To see Messi transcend, I mean, be reborn after the conquest of America’s Cup, now, like a pure Argentine. A Cup that was more like “liberating” the shoulders of Messi after eternal glory.

Now, the little guy enjoys his birthday with the certainty that he played his role, however, in the hope of greater flights. for sure, the world Cup is coming and maybe it will be the last of Messi. Conquering or not, the little guy is already huge. Giant! In fact, for 35 years, it has made one here cry and one there smile, thank you, Lionel Messiby simply existing.

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