Lisa from Blackpink on stage at Crazy Horse: “We did everything in secret”

This is an event that should delight K-pop fans. Lisa, emblematic member of the group Blackpink, is preparing to take the stage at Crazy Horse. The famous Parisian cabaret, a past master in the art of stripping, announced the news on Wednesday September 6.

“Lisa is a fan of Crazy Horse,” explains Andrée Deissenberg, general creative and brand director of the cabaret. “She came several times, she often went backstage to see the girls after the show to meet them (…) I thought it would be a good idea. And I went for it. Sometimes the stars align. »

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Secret rehearsals

On this occasion, the Thai singer, rapper and dancer will become a “Crazy Girl” for five exceptional performances: on September 28, 29 and 30. A handful of dates which also coincide with Paris Fashion Week… “There will be a thousand people who will see it. It’s really something exclusive, intimate, unique,” ​​explains Andrée Deissenberg. “She rehearsed, she does it really well, she’s a great professional (…) She spent time in Paris. We did everything in secret, especially when she was in concert at the Stade de France (last July).”

As part of the show called “Totally Crazy”, Lisa will wear many costumes and take part in several numbers with the troupe. She will also perform a few solo pieces, such as “But I am a Good Girl” and “Crisis? What Crisis!?! “. Enough to ignite the scene of the institution located in 8edistrict of Paris. “The idea was really to put her in the shoes of a Crazy dancer from A to Z, from the beginning to the end of the show. It was his wish and I found the idea very interesting because it changes us (…) We then chose several scenes, including the opening and the finale, and several solo appearances. »

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Five exceptional shows

By inviting the Blackpink star to perform on stage, Crazy Horse also hopes to attract a new clientele, younger and still just as feminine. “Somehow, it is our audience of tomorrow (…) Because the Crazy Horse has become a symbol of the woman who is proud of it, free, curious, comfortable in her shoes. I also think that by deciding to do that, Lisa is showing the same thing. »

This attractive artistic collaboration continues Crazy Horse’s tradition of calling on distinguished guests. We obviously remember the sensual shows of Dita Von Teese, seventeen years ago, as well as the performances of Pamela Anderson, Clotilde Courau, Ariel Dombasle, Noémie Lenoir, Conchita Wurst and even Viktoria Modesta. At the end of September, only one departure from custom, no specific number was imagined for the occasion. Lisa will perform those already present in the cabaret repertoire, along with the rest of the troupe.

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