list of ministries and armored interior ministry

The League does not give a list of names (except for Salvini at the Viminale), but indicates a list of ministries to manage

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Concluded on Federal Council of the League. TO Matteo Salvini the full mandate was confirmed to continue the work with the allies to give Italy a political government. After two hours of discussion, a rather clear picture emerged of the requests that the Carroccio intends to send to the table of Giorgia Meloni. It promises to be a difficult negotiation for the leader of Brothers of Italy.

The ministries requested by the League and a single ‘armored’ name, that of Salvini at the Viminale

No name, except for the claim of the Interior Ministry for Salvini. However, the council has given birth to a list of ministries that it will ask the allies: in addition to the Interior, the InfrastructureL’Agriculturethe Justicethe Work they Regional Affairs or Autonomy Reforms. This list was signed by Salvini and will now end up on Giorgia Meloni’s desk.

The steps of the Northern League federal council

The three governors were present to the council Attilio Fontana, Massimiliano Fedriga And Luca Zaiathe group leaders, Riccardo Molinari and Massimiliano Romeo, the three deputy secretaries, Andrea Crippa, Giancarlo Giorgetti and Lorenzo Fontana, and about twenty regional managers.

Salvini, Lega council.Photo source: ANSA

Salvini, as reported by AdnKronos, began the summit by waving the front page of a newspaper that titled ‘Siege of Salvini’, talking about the bad climate of which “the left is responsible”.

Space then to the government to come: “What issues do we want to address to the government, in which ministries should we sit?”. Fedriga: “We must focus on disability”, that is the ministry already in the hands of the Venetian Stefani in the Draghi government.

For the rest, all the participants underlined in unison that the Interior Ministry should be entrusted to Salvini himself.

Giorgetti he agreed on everything, including the desire to deploy the internal secretary. However, he did not hide that it will not be easy: “a warm autumn” is to be expected, he commented.

No other names left the board. “Thanks to everyone – concluded Salvini – now I know what to ask, he says satisfied”. So he remarked that the government “will be cohesive”.

The other topics covered

In addition to the theme of ministries, there was also discussion on the objectives of the future executive. These are the priorities of the League: to face the dear-bills, encourage the Flat Tax up to 100 thousand euros in turnover, exceed the Fornero law thanks to Quota 41. In addition, there was talk of revision of “del Basic income“, Of” cutting the bureaucracy “and” unblocking the construction sites “.

“The theme of the ‘northerners’ remains out of the confrontation between Salvini and his followers, starting with Bossi’s initiative for the ‘Northern Committee’. “There was no talk of it at all,” assured one of the participants.

Draghi: “Pnrr is not the plan of a government but of the whole of Italy, political collaboration”

In the past few hours Mario Draghi also spoke again: “The PNRR is not the plan of a government, but of the whole of Italy, and it needs everyone’s commitment to ensure its success within the time frame and with the objectives set. Italian politics can achieve great results when it collaborates – between political forces of different colors, between the central government and local authorities ”.

“The National Recovery and Resilience Plan – added the premier – represents an extraordinary opportunity to support the economy in a time of slowdown; to revive the country after two decades of slow and uneven growth; to show citizens and our European partners that Italy knows how to invest well and honestly “.

And again: “Thanks to the PNRR, we invest almost 20 billion for social inclusion measures and we introduce reforms and interventions to reduce the generational, regional and gender gaps. I am thinking of the reuse of assets confiscated from organized crime by municipal administrations, an important measure in contrasting the assets of the mafias. These are projects that bring new life and pride to local communities – and that require the collaboration of the Municipalities, for example with respect for the obligation to advertise “.

“To protect investments, we have expanded the powers of the Prefects, intensified controls, strengthened the central body for monitoring, collecting and analyzing information on the risk of infiltration. We have envisaged the hiring of 700 people by the competent ministries, also to strengthen control activities and support local authorities ”, concluded the former head of the ECB.


Photo source: ANSA

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