List of the highest-paid actors and actresses

Daniel Craig and Julia Roberts (Photo: Getty Images)

100 million dollars – this is the amount that Netflix representatives offered to Daniel Craig for participation in two sequels “On the knives”. Thus, they made the star the best-paid actor in Hollywood and proved that streaming platforms dictate the rules in the film industry today. Dwayne Johnson, Brad Pitt and Will Smith – Variety has published a ranking of the highest-earning movie stars.

Until recently, the standard pay for the faces of the highest-grossing productions was $ 20 million. In the era of streaming platforms, it jumped to astronomical amounts. Daniel Craig. After the success of the movie “Na knoż”, representatives of the Netflix platform were to offer him 100 million dollars for participation in two sequels of the detective story.

Craig and Johnson are chasing Will Smith with 40 million for “King Richard” and Denzel Washington for the thriller “Little Things.” They were followed by Leonardo DiCaprio, who collected $ 30 million for the black comedy “Don’t Look Up” commissioned by Netflix, and Mark Wahlberg with the same amount for “Spenser Investigation.”

Seventh, eighth and ninth places belong to women. Julia Roberts and Jennifer Lawrence, respectively, for “Leave The World Behind” (also from the Netflix library) and “Don’t Look Up” each will earn 25 million dollars, and Sandra Bullock in the romantic comedy “The Lost City of D” – 20 million .

The list is closed by Michael B. Jordan ($ 15 million for “Tom Clancy’s Unscrupulous”), Tom Cruise ($ 13 million for “Top Gun: Maverick”), Keanu Reeves ($ 12 million for the fourth installment of The Matrix), Chris Pine ($ 11.5 million for Dungeons and Dragons) and Robert Pattinson ($ 3 million for Batman).

We present a complete list of the highest-paid actors and actresses:

Daniel Craig (sequels to “Na knives”) – $ 100 million

Dwayne Johnson (“Red One”) – $ 50 million

Will Smith (“King Richard”) – $ 40 million

Denzel Washington (“Little Things”) – $ 40 million

Leonardo DiCaprio (“Don’t Look Up”) – $ 30 million

Mark Wahlberg (“Spenser Investigation”) – $ 30 million

Jennifer Lawrence (“Don’t Look Up”) – 25 million

Julia Roberts (“Leave the World Behind”) – $ 25 million

Sandra Bullock (“The Lost City of D”) – $ 20 million

Ryan Gosling (“The Gray Man”) – $ 20 million

Christ Hemsworth (“Thor: Love and Thunder”) – $ 20 million

Brad Pitt (“Bullet Train”) – $ 20 million

Michael B. Jordan (“Tom Clancy’s Unscrupulous”) – $ 15 million

Tom Cruise (“Top Gun: Maverick”) – $ 13 million

Keanu Reeves (“The Matrix 4”) – $ 12-14 million

Chris Pine (“Dungeons and Dragons”) – $ 11.5 million

Robert Pattinson (“The Batman”) – $ 3 million

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