Listen to TV 27 June 2022 analysis: Ilary Blasi makes the peak by crowning Vaporidis, Julia Roberts defends Rai1. On the podium Ranucci, Porro melts

Listen to the top: on Rai1 the Tg1 of 20.00 to 3.989 million and 26.4%. The second part of Chain reaction to 3.638 million and 28.75%. TecheTecheTè at 3.1 million and 18.25%. On Channel 5 Tg5 to 2,790 million and 18.2%.

A lively competitive television Monday, the generalist one on 27 June, despite the fact that it was clearly out of the commercial season. The drama film was broadcast on Rai1 Ben is Backwith Julia Robertsand was confronted with the last episode of The Island of the Famous on Canale5. The TV series are back on Rai2, with 9-1-1in summer contrast with Chicago PD on first TV on Italy 1. On the subject of in-depth analysis, however, he remained on Rai3 Report (“Running out of resources“,”The sack of Rome” And “Hybrid warfare“The three key services), while on Rete4 Nicola Porro has proposed an episode of Fourth Republic with Bernabò Bocca, Carlo Cottarelli, Anna Monia Alfieri, Vittorio Sgarbi, Hoara Borselli, Annarita Briganti, Mario Giordano, Piero Sansonetti, Giulia Sarti, Lando Sileoni, Alessandro Sallusti, Paolo Becchi and many others. Finally, La7 gave space to the US TV series Yellowstone.

Listen in the early evening. The final of theIsland longest ever remains in the wake of the season’s performances

On Canale 5 the final de The Island of the Famouswith Ilary Blasi to the management, Vladimir Luxuria And Nicola Savino opinion makers, Alvin sent to Honduras (won Nicola Vaporidis before Luca Daffrè And Carmen Di Pietro), had 2.573 million spectators with 23.3% (2.4 million spectators and 20.7% between 21.34 and 25.25, with the queue that had collected almost one million spectators and 31.1% of share seven days before with the semifinal). The final of theIsland in 2019, conducted on April 1 by Alessia Marcuzzi and won by Marco Maddaloni, had had 3.231 million spectators with a share of 18.1%. The 2021 final, led by Ilary Blasi and won by Awedhad collected 3.317 million spectators and 22.97% ending on 7 June.

The seasonal balance

The figure for the final rises to 24% share in the commercial target 15-64 years and to 31.2% among young people 15-34 years. Excellent balance also among women 15-54 years: 31.15% share. There The final reached peaks of 3.5 million viewers and a 38.45% share when the tender was awarded Nicolas. The overall average of this edition was 19.2% share with 2,489,000 viewers. Ilary collected an average share of 29.1% among women 20-44 years and 26.9% among men 20-34 years. Among the public 20-44 years old, the average of this edition is up by 3.2 points compared to last year.

In terms of territorial preferences, they were also confirmed in the last episode, with the curious predilection of the Aosta Valley, the low intake in Friuli Venezia Giulia, the robust following in Sicily, Puglia, Campania and Calabria

On Rai1 the film Ben is Backwith Julia Roberts and Lucas Hedges, won 2.144 million spectators and 13.3%. On the third network the program of Siegfried Ranucci, Reporthad the ‘usual’ 1.365 million spectators with 8.5% after the presentation at 875 thousand and 5.13% (1.377 million spectators and 8.4% after the presentation at 980 thousand and 5.7% seven days Before).

This is the balance of the series. On Italia1 on first tv Chicago PD, had 1,001 million spectators and 6.6%. On Rai2 9-1-1attracted 953 thousand spectators and 5.6% e 9-1-1 Lone Star it attracted 880 thousand spectators and 5.6%.

In terms of information, the defense of Rete4 was tonic but losing. Fourth Republicwith Nicola Porro at the conduction, it had 648 thousand spectators and 5.2% (771 thousand spectators and 6% seven days earlier).

On La7 the tv series Yellowstone with Kevin Costner it had 289 thousand spectators and 2.2 (303 thousand spectators and 2.3% seven days earlier).

Among the digital natives in the early evening.

On the Nove Long live Italy to 404 thousand viewers and 2.7% on TV8 Gomorrah – The Series to 300 thousand spectators with 2.1%.

Listen in day time.

In access. On Rai1 TecheTecheTè to 3.1 million spectators and 18.2%. On Channel 5 Paperissima Sprint has achieved 3.027 million spectators with a share of 17.9%. About Italia1 NCIS it recorded 1.330 million viewers with 7.9%. On Rai2 Tg2 Post 789 thousand and 4.6%. On Rai3 Beauty generation was seen by 667 thousand spectators with 4.2% e A Place in the Sun by 1.255 million spectators and 7.4%. On Rete4 Countercurrent it had 793 thousand spectators and 4.8% in the first part and 773 thousand and 4.5% in the second part. On La7 Half past eight achieved 1.268 million viewers and 7.4%. On Tv8 Celebrity Chef 346 thousand spectators and 2.1%. On the Nove Deal With It – Stay in the Game 222 thousand spectators with 1.3%.

In the early evening. On Rai1 Chain reaction it got 2.443 million viewers and 25% and then 3.637 million and 28.7%. On Canale 5 for Come on the first 1,267 million viewers and 13.6% and then Come on another one! at 1.989 million and 16.3%. On Rai3 TGR 1.9 million spectators with 14.1%. Furthermore. On Rai2 Drusilla to 536 thousand and 3.6%. On Italy 1 Csi Miami 690 thousand spectators and 4.8%. On Network 4 Love storm 634 thousand spectators and 4.2%. On La7 Father Brown it collected 105 thousand spectators and 0.9%. On Tv8 Home Restaurant 181 thousand spectators with 1.3%. On the Nove Cash or Trash 171 thousand spectators with 1.3%.

In the morning. On Rai1 One Morning Summer 165%. On Canale5 Morning News 17.5% and 15.5%. On Rai2 Radio2 Social Club 4,22%. On Rai3 Summer Agora 5.8% and 3.2%, Elixir on request 3.2%. On La7 Omnibus 5.3% and 5.2%. Coffee Break 4.9%.

At noon. On Rai1 Camper 13.8%. On Channel 5 Forum in reply 19.2%. On Rai2 Cyclone in the convent 3.3% and 4. On Rai3 How many stories 5% Past and present 3.65%. On Italy 1 Sport Mediaset 6.5%. On Rete4 The secret 2.2% e Murder, she wrote 5.1%. On La7 The Air that Pulls Summer 5.6% in the first part and 3.8% in the second part.

In the afternoon. On Rai1 Don Matteo 11.5% and 14.8%; Six Sisters 14,3%. Summer Live 19.2%. On Canale5 Beautiful to 19.3%. A life with an 18.2% share. Following Another Tomorrow got 16.8%. Brave and Beautiful with a 19.1% share. Rosamunde Pilcher 12.4%. On Rai2 Fantastic Italians and Where to Find Them 2.8%. Cobra Task Force 11 3.5% and 5% e Swimming World Championships 4%. About Italia1 The Simpsons 4.9%, 6% and 5.8%. On Rai3 Overland at 6.3%, Geo Magazine 8.8%. On Rete4 The Forum Desk 7.4%. On La7 Eden 2.5%. On TV8 A Love in Swollen Sails 205 thousand spectators and 2.6%.

In the late evening. On Rai1 Door to Door 7.4% e 6.1% share. On Rai2 Total Football 2,8%. On Rai 3 Tg3 Special 5.1%. On Channel 5 Tg5 Night 21.8%. About Italia1 Death trap 5.4%. On Rete4 Think big 3.9%.

Emanuele Bruno

(in the photo a moment of The Island of the Famous)

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