Listening to TV 24 June 2022: Conti in rerun with “Top Ten” overwhelms “New Amsterdam”. Nuzzi’s share record with the black news that cannot be blacker

Listen to the top: On Rai1 Tg1 3.599 million viewers and 25.95%. Chain reaction 3.3 million and 28%; TecheTecheTè 3,149 million viewers with 20.5%. Tg1 at 1.30pm at 2.738 million and 22.36%. On Canale5 Tg5 2.692 million and 19.2%

Warmer in the center-south, a little less sultry than the previous days in the north, on Friday 24 June. With what can be achieved in terms of use of television, in prime time and in day time, in the height of summer. In prime time on Rai1, the replica of the format was broadcast Top Ten and Canale5 responded with New Amsterdam 4, the unsuccessful hospital show. The others? Rai2 proposed crime telefilms, Rai3 the first TV of a film by Woody Allen of 2019, A rainy day in New YorkItaly 1 the fantasy Interstellar, La7 the best of di Live propaganda. So favored overall was the path of Gianluigi Nuzzion the grid as always with Fourth Degree on Rete4 in the version The stories.

In prime time, the rerun of Rai1 wins. “Quarto Grado” flies with the extremely crude and tragic black of actuality

On Rai1 the rerun of the show Top Tenwith Carlo Conti to lead the challenge on the polls between two VIP teams (broadcast the first episode of the second season lasted on 23 April 2021 with Loretta Goggi, Paola Minaccioni and Cesare Bocci versus Massimo Boldi, Christian De Sica and Nancy Brilliwith guests Giorgia, Alan Sorrenti And Rita Pavone), had 2.4 million spectators and 17.7%.

On Rete4 Fourth Degree – The Stories, with Gianluigi Nuzzi and Alessandro Viero to deal with crime news, it achieved 1.364 million spectators and 11.9% (1.3 million and 10.6% seven days earlier).

On Canale 5 the new episode of the new season of New Amsterdam it had only 1.238 million viewers and 9.6% (1.2 million and 8.6% seven days earlier).

On Italia 1 the film Interstellarwith Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain it had 824 thousand spectators and 7%.

On Rai3 the film A rainy day in New Yorkwith Timothée Chalamet, Elle Fanning, Selena Gomez and Jude Law it had the response of 778 thousand spectators with 5.3%.

On Rai2 this is the balance of the series: per Ncis 643 thousand and 4.2% share, for Ncis Hawaii 571 thousand spectators and 4%. On the Nove the show The Best Brothers of Crozza, with a remix of the Maurizio Crozza, it won 455 thousand spectators and 3.1%. On La7 the best of the season just ended Live propaganda with Diego Bianchi to the management e Marco Damilano, Filippo Ceccarelli, Francesca Schianchi, Constanze Reuscher, Paolo Celata, Memo Remigi, Andrea Pennacchi, Makkox in support, it totaled 340 thousand spectators and 3.1%. Also on Tv8 the match The crime of BarLume – The tombola of the troia it collected 336 thousand spectators with a 2.3% share.

Emanuele Bruno

(in the photo a moment of Top Ten)

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