Listens to TV 14 June 2022 analysis: Italy overwhelmed by the Germans, 1.5 million change channels. He holds “Boss in disguise”, “The Little Lord” exceeds expectations and fights with Floris

Top TV ratings: on Rai1 Germany-Italy at 5.734 million and 30.4%. Tg1 3.9 million and 25.4%; RaiSport 3.573 million and 20.32%

With football dictating the law, but with a slice of the public progressively leaving Rai1 due to the blow suffered by the Blues (first half at 6.447 million and 33.6%, second half at 5.071 million and 27.2%), it was a different Tuesday evening on TV that of June 14th. On the flagship it went on air GermanyItaly, while Cologno has lined up three films. Canale 5 responded to Rai1 with The choiceItaly 1 proposed the comedy A summer by the seaRete4 the cult and vintage The Little Lord.

Rai2 has relaunched with the third episode of the new edition of Incognito Bosswhile the war and diplomatic situation, but also the political and economic one, were described in the two talks that remained in service. Giovanni Floris on La7 he has focused a lot on Enrico Lettabut also Alessandro Di Battista, Alessandro Sallusti and Bruno Tabacci; Bianca Berlinguer on Rai3 has not given up on Alessandro Orsini And Mauro Corona and has also bet on Carlo Calenda, Daniela Santanchè and Donatella Di Cesare.

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On Rai1 the match Germany-Italy from Nations League, which ended with the blue collapse for five to two, produced 5.754 million spectators and a 30.4% share. June 11th England-Italy it had had 5.897 million spectators and a 37.4% share. Italy-Hungary from Nations League, played in Cesena and finished two to one, had achieved 6.4 million spectators and a 32.8% share. On June 4th the match Italy-Germany from Nations League, played in Bologna and finished one to one, had achieved 5.826 million spectators and a 36.6% share. The first of June always on Rai1 la Final between Argentina And Italy, won by the biancocelesti for three to zero, it had had 6.293 million viewers or 33.5%.

On the commercial flagship, the pink film The choicewith Benjamin Walker and Teresa Palmer protagonists, collected 1.980 million spectators and 11.2%. In comparison with football and the rest, the third episode of the new edition of Incognito Bosswith Marco Arletti of Chimar inserted in secret among its employees, e Max Giusti to sew the game, it remained almost stable. The format had 1.374 million spectators with 7.8% (1.443 million spectators and 8% seven days before and 1.844 million spectators with 10.9% share in the first episode). Among other films, the comedy had the worst of the vintage title. On Rete4 the cult The little lordwith Rick Schroder, Connie Booth, John Carter it achieved 1.145 million viewers with 6.9%. On Italia 1 the film A summer by the sea, with Enrico Brignano, Lino Banfi, Nanci Brilli, Alena Seredovaachieved 939 thousand spectators and 5.5%.

Listen to TV talk: clear Floris wins with Letta and Di Battista. Berlinguer defends himself with Orsini, Corona, Calenda and Santanchè

The two talks have deployed these formations on the field. An army on La7, eleven owners on Rai3. From Giovanni Floris they have passed through several times Luca and Paoloand then there were Enrico Letta, Bruno Tabacci, Alessandro Di Battista, Ascanio Celestini, Tommaso Labate, Antonio Caprarica, Gianluigi Nuzzi, Carlo Cambi, Marina Brogi, Marino Sinibaldi, Pietro Senaldi, Federico Rampini, Nando Pagnoncelli, Antonio Padellaro, Alessandro Sallusti, Ginevra Bompiani, Francesca Donated. From Bianca Berlinguer have passed Mauro Corona, Alessandro Orsini and therefore Donatella Di Cesare, Carlo Calenda, Andrea Scanzi, Alona Kliuieva, Francesco Borgonovo, Matteo Bassetti, Cecilia Sala, Anastasia Kuzmina, Fabio Dragoni, Valerio Rossi Albertini, Daniela Santanché. Here is the balance of the comparison.

On La7 On Tuesday it dropped slightly from seven days earlier. The program had 1.047 million viewers and 6.7% and with Tuesday + 425 thousand spectators and 7.85% (1.097 million spectators with 6.7% with Tuesday + to 395 thousand and 6.9% seven days earlier). On Rai 3 #White paper it convinced 859 thousand spectators with 5.5% (1.042 million spectators and 6.5% seven days earlier).

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Out of 20 Man of Tai Chi it got 375 thousand spectators with 2.1%. About Iris The Texas Avenger it had 354 thousand spectators and 1.9%. On Real Time First date Cruise it got 334 thousand spectators with 1.8%. Out of 27 A wife for dad to 274 thousand and 1.51%. On the Nove Only Witness to 274 thousand spectators with 1.5%. On Tv8 Two hearts and a test tube to 267 thousand spectators with 1.5%. On TopCrime Forever to 243 thousand spectators with 1.3%. On RaiPremium A professor to 263 thousand spectators and 1.5%. On Movie A quiet weekend of fear it attracted 210 thousand spectators with 1.1%. On Rai4 Before i go to sleep to 205 thousand spectators with 1.1%. On La5 New Moon 199 thousand and 1.1%. On Focus Born in the Rocky Mountains 186 thousand and 1%. On Cine34 If you are so I tell you yes 156 thousand and 0.9%.

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In access. On Rai1 Nations League 3.573 million viewers and 20.32%. On Channel 5 Paperissima Sprint 2.4 million spectators with a share of 12.8%. About Italia1 NCIS recorded 1.273 million spectators with 6.9%. On Rai2 Tg2 Post 621 thousand and 3.2%. On Rai3 A Place in the Sun by 1.263 million viewers and 7%. On Rete4 Italy tonight it had 699 thousand spectators and 4% in the first part and 692 thousand spectators and 3.6% in the second part. On La7 Half past eight it achieved 1.020 million viewers and 5.4%. On Tv8 Celebrity Chef it collected 321 thousand spectators with 1.7%. On the Nove Deal With It – Stay in the Game it received 241 thousand spectators with 1.3%.

In the early evening. On Rai1 Chain reaction it obtained 2.308 million spectators and 23.3% and 3.530 million and 27.8% share. On Canale 5 in rerun Come on the first! to 1,150 million spectators and 12.4% and then Come on another one! to 2.132 million and 17.5%. On Rai3 TGR 2.142 million viewers with 15.7%. On Rai2 Drusilla and the Almanac of the day after 657 thousand spectators with 4.3%. About Italia1 CSI Miami to 566 thousand and 3.9%. On Network 4 Love storm to 683 thousand and 4.4%. On La7 Eden to 108 thousand and 0.9%. On Tv8 Home Restaurant 155 thousand spectators and 1.1%. On the Nove Cash or Trash to 166 thousand spectators with 1.2%.

In the morning. On Rai1 One Summer Morning 14.8%. On Canale5 Morning Five News 20.6% and 21.2%. On Rai2 Radio2 Social Club 6.6%. On Rai3 Summer Agora 6.1% and 5%, Elixir on request 4.6%. On La7 Omnibus 4%. Coffee Break 3.5%. At noon. On Rai1 Camper 12.9%. On Channel 5 Forum in reply 19.8%. On Rai2 Ship of Dreams 6%. On Rai3 How many stories 5.7% Past and present 3.6%. On Italy 1 Sport Mediaset 6.7%. On Rete4 The secret 1.7% e Murder, she wrote 5.3%. On La7 The Air that Pulls 4.3% in the first part and 4.2% in the second part.

In the afternoon. On Rai1 Don Matteo 9.5% and 12.3% share. You are Sisters 12.5%, Summer live 19.5% share. On Canale5 Beautiful 19.6%, A life 20.3%, Another tomorrow 18.9%, Brave and beautiful 20.1%, Inga Lindstrom 13.5%. On Rai2 Fantastic Italians 4%, Cobra11 4.5% e Italy-Ireland U21 6.9%. On Rai3 Geo Magazine at 8.6%. On Rete4 The Forum Desk 5.8%, War Diary 3.9%. About Italia1 The Simpsons 4.8% in the first episode, 5.6% in the second episode and 5.6%. On La7 Tagada 3.1% and 4% and 4.1% with Focus. In the late evening. On Rai1 Door to door 7.5% and 11.1% share. On Channel 5 X-Style 7.8%. On Rai2 Black2Black 3.36%. On Rai 3 Night Line 6.74%. On Rete4 Daylight 4.7% share. On Italy 1 All very nice 7.3%.

Emanuele Bruno

(In the photo a moment of Incognito Boss)

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