Listeria virus, there are no people hospitalized in Arezzo

There are no people hospitalized in Arezzo hospitals, much less in intensive care for the Listeria virus, neither in children nor in adults. The good news comes from health care environments after messages began circulating in the chat of parents warning of presumed hospitalized children in the past few hours. If it is true that there have been batches of food products also withdrawn in Arezzo due to the risk of them being contaminated, the rest of the message on hospitalizations and serious cases of Listeriosis is not reliable, indeed in healthcare environments it has already been classified as fake news .

“The Azienda Ausl Toscana sud est informs that an audio message relating to children hospitalized in intensive care and pediatrics in Arezzo for the bacterium Listeria, present in some foods that are being withdrawn from the market these days, is turning in the chats, the Azienda Ausl Toscana sud est reports that this information is absolutely false and that there are currently no hospitalized. “

In recent weeks, the alarm about the disease caused by this bacterium has risen because the Ministry of Health has observed an increase in cases and has also rebuilt the distribution chain of some batches of sausages that would have been at risk. In a company where they are produced for some well-known brands, the presence of Listeria was found. So in recent days, also in the province of Arezzo, the withdrawals of the lots with the identification mark of the manufacturer IT04MCE have started, which expire between 20.09.22 and 05.12.22. The Tre Valli farm itself made the announcement “for precautionary reasons due to a microbiological risk, some batches of hot dogs produced in the summer were withdrawn from the shop” and then added another direct message to the consumer “if you have purchased a pack of sausages with the IT04MCE brand for safe consumption, read the storage instructions on the label carefully” keep the product at a temperature between 0 and +4 and consume it after careful cooking (reach 65 ° at the core of the product ), or you can return it for replacement. “

Listeria virus, lots of wurstel at risk also withdrawn in Arezzo

Where is the Listeria bacterium found?

It is not only the frankfurters eaten raw or not cooked properly that can contain the Listeria virus. As Dr. Alessandro Perrella, director of emerging and highly contagious infectious diseases of the Cotugno hospital in Naples explained to, there is a lot of attention to be paid to the consumption of “Raw meat, raw milk, unwashed raw fruits and vegetables that can be contaminated with the bacterium Listeria. Babies can be born with Listeriosis if their mothers eat contaminated food during pregnancy. Outbreaks of disease have also been associated with soft cheeses, pre-prepared salads, pates, diced cold chicken and pre-cut frozen fruit salad. “

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