Listeria, what it is and how to avoid contamination

A new death from meningitis from Listeria monocytogenes raises the level of attention on the disease that risks becoming the new enemy to fight. The case of the 83-year-old who died in Alexandria is probably linked to the contamination that last week led to the withdrawal from the market of some batches of poultry-based frankfurters.

But what is listeria, what are the symptoms and what to do to protect yourself? Listeria monocytogenes, responsible for listeriosis, is a ubiquitous bacterium which can be present in soil, water and vegetation e can contaminate different foods such as milk, vegetables, soft cheeses, undercooked meats, slightly seasoned sausages reads on the website of the Ministry of Health.

Because the infection was unleashed by frankfurters: things to know

How it is transmitted

There the main way of transmission for humans is food. Healthy children and adults may occasionally become infected, but rarely develop severe disease unlike in debilitated, immunosuppressed, and pregnant women whose disease is more severe. There severity of symptoms varies significantly according to the infectious dose and the state of health of the affected individual. They range from flu-like or gastrointestinal forms, sometimes accompanied by high fever up, in subjects at risk, to septicemic forms, meningitis or abortion.

Listeria monocytogenes resists very well to low temperatures and dryingin preserved foods a refrigeration temperature (4 ° C). Instead, it is very sensitive to usual domestic cooking temperatures of food.

What to do: hygiene in the kitchen and cooking of food

The Ministry of Health invites consumers to pay close attention to correct storage methodspreparation and consumption of food, in the specific case of frankfurters, indicated precisely on the label on the package, which normally involve cooking before consumption.

The simple rules of hygiene to follow

The adoption of simple rules of hygiene in the handling of food, even at home, it reduces the risk of contracting the disease.

Here’s what to do:

wash your hands often, clean all surfaces frequently and materials that come into contact with food (utensils, small appliances, refrigerator, dishcloths and sponges);

keep raw food in the refrigeratorcooked and ready to eat separately and in closed containers;

cook the food well following the manufacturer’s information on the label;

do not prepare the food to be consumed after cooking too early (if not, keep them in the fridge and reheat them before consumption);

– do not leave the perishable foods at room temperature And respect the storage temperature indicated on the label.

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