Lithuania-China, crisis in relations. The USA declares its support for Vilnius and the European Union

The United States strongly supports Lithuania and the entire European Union in the face of “economic pressure” from China, declared US Trade Representative Katherine Tai. The reason for tensions on the Beijing-Vilnius line is the opening of a Taiwanese representative office in the Lithuanian capital.

Lithuania has been under pressure from China since last year, when it decided to authorize the opening of a de facto Taiwan embassy in the country’s capital. China, which wants to reverse this decision, has recalled its ambassador to Lithuania and lowered the status of the diplomatic mission, and is putting pressure on companies such as the German auto parts giant Continental to stop using Lithuanian components. They also blocked Lithuanian goods and cargo from entering China.


Taiwan Representation in Vilnius

The US supports Lithuania in its conflict with China

On Friday, Katherine Tai, the US Trade Representative, spoke on the phone to Valdis Dombrovskis, vice-president of the European Commission.

Tai expressed strong US support for both Lithuania and the European Union. “Katherine Tai stressed the importance of working with the European Union and its member states to counter diplomatic and economic pressure with the support of various institutions, including the US-EU Trade and Technology Council,” her office said. The communication also referred to a joint initiative launched by Tai and Dombrovskis last September to strengthen transatlantic ties to better compete with China.

Tai and Dombrovskis also discussed cooperation to tackle the problem of “global, non-market overcapacity” in steel and aluminum. As the Reuters agency points out, this is a reference to the Chinese overproduction of metals that flooded global markets.

Two days earlier, Tai had talked about the same subject with the Lithuanian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Gabrielius Landsbergis.

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