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The technician returns to speak for the first time in almost three months

Almost three months after the last time, Ivan Juric will return to speak at the press conference. The grenade technician was the only Serie A coach who has not yet issued any statement and is ready to break the silence to present the match against Monza, the first day of the new championship. The coach is therefore expected in the conference room of the Olympic stadium “Grande Torino” to answer the questions of the reporters present.

09.50 – The arrival of the grenade technician is expected in the conference room.

10.08 – Juric has arrived, off to the questions.

How do we recap the summer? There have been a lot of things …

“There was a holiday in between, then we had a really bad retreat with few players where it was not easy to work. We concentrated on playing with whoever was there.”

Are you satisfied with the group you have available?

“I think the team is incomplete, precisely in terms of numbers. I’m happy with the new arrivals, however the situation is like last year: we are taking players who on paper are excellent but have struggled in recent years. It’s the script. last year. We hope they will be able to perform well and make a great contribution. Then it is clear that some things are still missing and the market is long. But the players are not stickers, it takes work. We threw 40 days in the wind. which we could have worked better “.

Do you remember your first time in Serie A? What did you see of Monza?

“Stroppa has his game, they brought in important players on paper and remained a good base last year. We expect a very difficult game, let’s see how we manage to respond. I expect a challenging and difficult game, I don’t know about us yet. how do we manage to answer “.

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