Live – Ligue 1: Clinton Mata injured and out for several weeks

Laurent Blanc addressed the subject of extra time in Ligue 1 during his visit to Ligue 1 in a press conference this Thursday. The Rhone technician didn’t seem to be a big fan and wouldn’t object to the change in actual playing time in football like in rugby.

“It may change something about the management of the end of the match. But the question has to be asked, it’s a big topic at the level of the football officials, to see whether we take real playing time or more than 90 minutes. take time, explained the OL coach two days before the match against Montpellier. In my opinion, it raises questions in high circles. After discussing it with people in high places, I think it is developing and ensuring that football will be played with effective game time.”

And Laurent Blanc clarifies: “I think it is not the best thing to play with 10, 11, 12 or 13 minutes of extra time. It changes the face of the match. If it is 2 or 3 minutes, then yes. . And again, things can happen. But 15 minutes is about one third of a period, it’s too much… too much… But everyone has their own opinion. (…) It depends on your changes and so Can affect your team’s strategy. It should be considered and I think football will evolve in the years to come.”

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