LIVE MN – Scaroni: “It’s impossible to renovate San Siro, that’s the main reason. RedBird wants the new stadium”

Friends and friends of, soon we will follow live the press conference of Paolo Scaroni, president of Milan, and of Alessandro Antonello, Corporate CEO of Inter, at the Barabino studio in Foro Buonaparte to talk about the new stadium that the two clubs would like to build together, on the eve of the public debate that will begin tomorrow, Wednesday 28 September. The objective of the two clubs in today’s conference is to reaffirm their firm will to focus on the new stadium, while opening up to dialogue with the Milanese citizens.

Scaroni begins: “Three years ago we started this path that we look at with optimism. Tomorrow the public debate will begin that we look positively. We will listen to what will come out, it is true that it is a process that has made us lose another year, but if we can get out of it in a positive way will be a year gained. I would like to explain why San Siro cannot be restored. There are various reasons, but I will limit myself to saying the main reason: how do we play 50 games plus other events with a mega construction site in which every six days 50,000 people come in? I assure you that this is impossible and very dangerous. All the renovations took place where there was only one club and where there was a nearby stadium to move to for a certain period. Every time I hear why we do not renovate the San Siro, I think that those who say it either have not thought fully or do not want to do anything. For us it is an impossible hypothesis. on the other side “.

Antonello on the debate: “In an urban regeneration project, San Siro has a multifunctional district with a sporting vocation. We are in San Siro and this aspect will also be enhanced in the new project. The new facility will be a point of arrival and compared to the initial project i clubs have remodeled the volumes for more than a third, we have more than doubled the green. I would like to remind you that this will become a restricted traffic area, perhaps the largest in Milan. We believe the new stadium can be an added value not only for clubs but also for citizens. We have responded to further requests that have been requested by the Municipality. Today we are here to show the project updated with the requests made by the administration. We are in a public debate also to receive suggestions. The other aspect The important thing I would like to put on the plate is that Milan and Inter are part of the history of this city and have always been part of the active part of this city. As a consequence, the intention is that the clubs continue to invest in Milan and for Milan. For Milan is meant not only for the fans but also for the citizenship. The investment will be around 1 billion and 300 million euros, and will guarantee thousands of jobs. The objectives are clearly sporting because the stadium is now an essential element to improve. But beyond that there are environmental, social and sustainable objectives. Sustainability is key in projects like these. These values ​​are incorporated in our project that we are going to propose. On the other hand, today the fans ask us for a different experience compared to the one we lived years ago. Today they ask us for an immersive experience compared to simply watching the game. The fact that there are extra services allows us to get closer to European standards. The area will be accessible and open, respecting the highest quality standards. There will be water sustainability, circulation of the roads. So this is a project that will try to give the city a new area of ​​social aggregation. The clubs want to renew this sense of belonging to the city, with an innovative and attractive project “.

Scaroni on RedBird: “She is even more convinced than Elliott on the need for Milan to need a new stadium. RedBird know what it means to own a stadium. They are giving me great support with people who have built so many stadiums. Elliott is a financial fund, while RedBrd has sport as its vocation. The need for a new stadium is therefore now even more felt “.

Scaroni on the area on which to build the stadium: “We are busy on San Siro, think about how much money we have spent so far, as well as obviously how much work we have done. If we are here it is because we believe in the San Siro project. Obviously we also look elsewhere because we have to have alternatives and then maybe we find areas with features that San Siro does not have. So we don’t have plans B, but only several plans A “.

Antonello up on the memory of San Siro: “On the San Siro pitch, both clubs have had numerous successes. The fact of being still here in Milan must act as a trade union between the glorious past and the future that the clubs want to experience and pass on to the new generations. Then memory can be interpreted on an architectural level. There will be ideas that we will listen to and that we would like to make ours with architects who will help us. You will no longer see the old San Siro for a necessary reason, to respect the reduction of volumes. Then we can indulge ourselves with many ideas on memory . It is part of our DNA because the clubs have an important bond with San Siro and with the city. “

Antonello on the feasibility study: “We are in a feasibility study phase, it is not yet an executive project. The feasibility study is used to find an area and give volumes. Then the executive design phase will start from the constraints we have and from there we will develop the architectural ideas. We chose Populous because we liked their architectural proposal. Now we are here to say that the project requires certain volumes, then we will have time to think about the architectural situation during the executive design “.

Scaroni on long times: “If a decision-making process takes so many years, it is normal that things can change in that period. Everything changes and moves, we do not stand still. Faced with such long times, the world changes. Milan has also changed ownership. Many happen. things. We do not have to decide tomorrow morning unfortunately. If we had to decide tomorrow at 7 we would do the Cathedral, but unfortunately it is not so. So we feel free “.

Antonello on the capacity of the stadium: “Before the pandemic the average capacity was around 60 thousand spectators. After the pandemic there is a wider participation. The idea is to have a stadium with 60-65 thousand seats, we are working on this”.

Scaroni on the stadium: “The Cathedral cost 600 million, today perhaps it would cost 800. We have not yet made certain accounts, we will do them when the executive project is in place. From when the executive design starts, it will take several months before starting the works, it takes 9-12 months. The executive design costs about 50 million, maybe it has increased too, but it is a fundamental point before building the new plant “.

Scaroni on the rent to the Municipality: “The stadium will be owned by the Municipality which will give the concession, just as it happens now. All the land belongs to the Municipality of Milan”.

– Thus ends the press conference of Scaroni and Antonelli.

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