LIVE RELEASES – Napoli-Espanyol 0-0: dirty and fragmented match, ends with another draw!

The last friendly test of Napoli ends in a draw against Espanyol in Castel di Sangro. Dirty and fragmented race, characterized by many fouls and few game plots.

20.55 – IT ENDS HERE!

ninety two’ – Diego Demme was also cautioned.

87 ‘- Juan Jesus is shown a yellow card for a foul on Mato.

82 ‘- De Laurentiis leaves the pitch and leaves the Patini stadium early.

81 ‘- Do it on Zerbin, who pushes the opponent. Another fight ensues involving the two teams. The referee Scatena warns an Espanyol player.

79 ‘- Do it on Olivan, the Espanyol bench protests: Spalletti impatiently leaves his area and protests with the Spaniards.

77 ‘- Zerbin rewards the overlap of Mathias Olivera, corner for Napoli!

73 ‘- KOLEOSHO! Ball that parades on the Spanish striker who starts a nice left-footed shot from inside the area: Contini is passed who raises over the crossbar.

71 ‘- Spalletti, in fact, changed them all: of the 11 owners, only Lozano remained on the pitch

69 ‘- 5 changes for Spalletti: outside Di Lorenzo, Kim, Anguissa, Osimhen and Kvaratskhelia and inside Zanoli, Juan Jesus, Gaetano, Zerbin and Petagna.

67 ‘- The game stops, it’s time for the cooling break

63 ‘- LOZANO! Perfect triangulation on the right wing of Napoli and free Lozano in the area: cross shot by the Mexican who crosses the whole area and ends just wide.

59 ‘- On the reversal of the action it is Osimhen who becomes dangerous: conclusion from a little high distance on the crossbar.

58 ‘- DOUBLE OPPORTUNITY FOR ESPANYOL! On the developments of the corner, the ball reaches a Spanish player who kicks in the goal and Contini is overtaken. On the rebound it is Osimhen who saves Napoli.

57 ‘- Saez points the area, Kim very good to close him in a corner kick.

53 ‘- Kvaratskhelia earns a foul and quickly takes the free kick: the Spanish defense takes refuge for a corner.

50 ‘- Recovery began with several interruptions and many technical errors on both sides.

46 ‘- Spalletti changes five men at the interval: out Meret, Mario Rui, Rrahmani, Elmas and Lobotka and in Contini, Olivera, Ostigard, Zielinski and Demme.



48 ‘- De Laurentiis gets up from the bench and goes to protest to the linesman for the too hard game of the Spaniards.

46 ‘- Bad intervention by Souza against Lobotka, the referee warns the Spanish forward. Yellow also for Cabrera for another foul on Lozano.

45 ‘- Tempers calm down and the game resumes.

44 ‘- The ball slips into a side foul, Osimhen wants to resume the game immediately but is prevented by some players from the Espanyol bench. A mini-fight starts. The Nigerian was cautioned.

42 ‘- KVARA! Nice exit of Napoli with Elmas who gives the green light to the restart and widens for Kvaratskhelia. The Georgian is centered, enters the area and starts an insidious right: Lecomte is saved with his feet.

37 ‘- The players on the bench begin the warm-up in view of the second half. We remember that there is no Fabian, unavailable.

35 ‘- Nice movement in depth by Osimhen: Elmas tries to throw but the ball is too deep.

33 ‘- Osimhen slips into the right lane, crosses in the center and Lecomte takes refuge for a corner.

32 ‘- Lobotka knocks out Darder in midfield: Unleash whistles.

28 ‘- Di Lorenzo rewards Osimhen’s shot in depth: cross in the center but Lecomte keeps a good guard and blocks the ball in two halves.

24 ‘- It starts again, Napoli continues to impose the game and build potential offensive actions. Espanyol creates density and closes spaces

23 ‘- The game stops: cooling break.

22 ‘- Mario Rui’s perfect free kick to look for Osimhen: header from the Nigerian a few steps away from Lecomte, ball on the bottom. The flag goes up now, it’s offside.

20 ‘- Double foul intervention, first against Mario Rui and then against Kvaratskhelia: fischis the referee Scatena.

16 ‘- Cross from Di Lorenzo, the ball slips into the area. Osimhen tries to intervene, the Espanyol defense takes refuge for a corner.

11 ‘- On the developments of the next corner kick, Osimhen heads off: a great intervention by Lecomte who avoids the goal.

10 ‘- OSIMHEN! Long throw to reward Lozano’s shot: perfect shot for the inclusion of Osimhen who face-to-face with the goalkeeper gets the conclusion rejected.

7 ‘- Sanmartin snatches the ball and wedges himself in the area: he closes the defense of Napoli.

4 ‘- Osimhen receives the ball in the area and tries a left-handed shot: Sergi Gomez replies the conclusion.

3 ‘- Rrahmani stretches the ball in the middle of the field and loses it: Mato recovers the ball and tries to mock Meret from long range. No problem for the Napoli goalkeeper.


18.58 – Teams on the field!

18.55 – Here is De Laurentiis! The patron of Napoli makes his entrance on the sideline and takes a seat on the bench to follow the match.

18.52 – In the stands to watch the match there is also the president of the FIGC Gabriele Gravina.

18.49 – Ends the warm-up of the two teams returning to the locker room.

18.31 – Espanyol players also on the pitch, less than 30 minutes at kick-off.

18.25 – The rest of the team enters the pitch amid the enthusiasm of the fans present at the Patini stadium.

18.20 – Napoli goalkeepers enter the field to begin the warm-up

18.04 – Spalletti’s choices for the last friendly match in Castel di Sangro are official. Zielinski, Fabian and Politano will be missing in the starting eleven that will face Espanyol at 7pm. Confirmed the four-man line ahead of Meret, with Di Lorenzo, Rrahmani, Kim and Mario Rui. Three-man midfield consisting of central Lobotka with Anguissa and Elmas alongside him. Forward the trident consisting of Lozano, Osimhen and Kvaratskhelia.

NAPLES (4-3-3): Meret, Di Lorenzo, Rrahmani, Kim, Mario Rui, Anguissa, Lobotka, Elmas, Lozano, Osimhen, Kvaratskhelia. Available: Marfella, Contini, Juan Jesus, Olivera, Costanzo, Ostigard, Zanoli, Demme, Zielinski, Zerbin, Gaetano, Petagna. Annex Spalletti

ESPANYOL: Lecomte; Cabrera, Calero, Moll, Souza, Olivan Herrero, Mato Sanmartin, Nico, Sergi Gomez, El Hilali, Saez. Available: Pons, Fortuno Vinas, Ragano, Bare, Pages, Koleosho, Villahermosa, Touaizi, Fernandez. Annex Martinez

Last friendly in Castel di Sangro for Napoli, who on Monday 15 August will already be on the pitch for the first league match against Verona. The third Spanish team of this Azzurri pre-season arrives at the Patini di Castel di Sangro, today at 7 pm, the friendly against Espanyol will be visible not only on Sky but also on Facebook at a cost of € 2.29 with pre-season starting at 5.45pm. and post with interviews. Obviously instead will tell you everything in direct text.

Friends of, good evening and welcome to the direct text of Napoli-Espanyol, fourth test of the retreat of Castel di Sangro and overall sixth exit of the Neapolitan summer.

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