LIVE REPLAYS – Di Lorenzo: “Don’t they put us among the first? It was the same with Milan! On the wing and the new signings …”. Zanoli: “Napoli deserve to win the Scudetto!”

21.49 – Here ends the meeting in the square with the two blue players.

Your daughter is called Azzurra, is it a coincidence? We already liked the name, then also for Napoli and the national team we decided like this. “

It is true that important players have started, but we all have to take responsibility and grow as a group. Victor can take them despite being young. Then there are Anguissa and Mario Rui who have great experience. All together we must help the youngest “

Neapolitan phrase to give the fans a boost? “Nun c’accire nisciun I like”

Message to the fans? “With the departure of important players, at the beginning there was sorrow. New players arrived with the desire to do well. There is a group that wants to do well, that wants to work and do everything for this shirt. We certainly do. we will give our best “.

About Kvara: “At the beginning I didn’t know him, as soon as I saw that Napoli had bought him I saw from the videos that he was strong. Then in training I understood why Napoli focused on him. In training he keeps us particularly busy, he is very good “.

On the summer grids that do not put Napoli among the top of the table: “This thing has to improve us, but we don’t have to read external things. We are strong and we can have fun this year. These things motivate us. We saw that Milan were not given as favorites and then they won.”

Objective? “Always improve. One always starts to improve the result of the previous year. There are many strong teams, we are among them”.

On new arrivals and a balance sheet of the withdrawal: “Several players left, others arrived just as good. They brought a breath of fresh air. The balance is positive, it will soon be serious as the championship starts.”

I also find the motivations within me, I push every day to the maximum. Behind me is Zanoli, the competition helps to raise the level “

About Zanoli: “He is young and good. He must follow his path as I did, he must continue like this.

You don’t miss a game, how do you do it? “Work, nutrition are important things. We must take care of all the details to make the most of it

On the national team: “Football changes quickly. We have gone from the top of Europe to non-qualification for the World Cup. We have to start again as we did 4 years ago, be united to bring Italy and win something important again.”

What does the captain’s armband mean? “It’s a great responsibility, but I’m ready to embrace it. Great players have worn it, for me it’s a pride. I never imagined becoming one, now it’s up to me to prove that I deserve it.”

21.31 – It’s Di Lorenzo’s turn –

Who is the reference figure this year? “Surely in addition to Di Lorenzo there are Anguissa, Juan Jesus, Mario Rui and Anguissa. Even Osimhen, despite being young, we must learn from them”

Strongest right-back in Europe? “Besides Di Lorenzo? I also like Alexander Arnold”

Why do you envy Di Lorenzo the mentality? “I mean nastiness on the pitch that I still have to learn

Kim? “Sympathetic, he’s a good player. I was surprised by the physicality. Tactically I expected something worse, in reality it hit me.”

Many young people in pink: “We must always focus on young people, starting with young people is a good prospect for society for resale and for other objectives”

Budget of the withdrawal? “It was fun! On the pitch we worked, made sacrifices and double training. But it’s our job.”

Champions? “I can’t wait to hear the music”.

What emotions did you feel at the onset? “Great emotion in Udine, I would have liked to make my debut at home but that’s okay. With Fiorentina, beyond the result, it was a great emotion”.

What do you envy of Di Lorenzo? “Perhaps the victory of the European Championship (laughs, ed). As for the characteristics, certainly the mentality”.

What is your personal goal and with Napoli? “The personal goal is to do well and bring the three points home. As for the team goal, Napoli deserve to win the Scudetto.”

21.23 – Zanoli starts – “It is a privilege to be his reserve (Di Lorenzo, ed), he helps me a lot during training

21.22 – Di Lorenzo and Zanoli have just arrived in Piazza del Plebiscito

21.02 – There is very little to go before the arrival of the two Azzurri players, there is great anticipation in the square.

Tonight from Piazza Plebiscito in Castel di Sangro they will speak to the microphones of Kiss Kiss Naples two Napoli players, it’s about Giovanni Di Lorenzo And Alessandro Zanoli. You will be able to follow their statements on our website starting at 9pm.

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