LIVE TJ – ALLEGRI to DAZN: “Di Maria? I should have removed him at 3-0. He had the same problem a week ago. Amazed by Bremer insertion. On Paredes …”

Massimiliano Allegri answers the questions of Dazn’s colleagues. Here are his words:

Updates on Di Maria’s conditions?
“No, Angel always has his face a bit like this … then he had that adductor problem even a week ago. things that happen. The important thing is to have won a game that was very important for us to win, because there was enthusiasm, you have to recreate a little bit of enthusiasm, it was not easy, in fact in the first half we started quite well, then we lost 2 -3 balls an exit and there you can see that we are fragile to manage those moments. We went into difficulty a little. They had 2-3 shots, a couple of favorable situations. In those moments instead you have to be calm, you have to let the moment and keep playing “.

Are you a little worried or did Di Maria give you reassurance?
“I’m not worried, now we see the results of the exams from tomorrow. Unfortunately, these are things that happen during matches, it was very hot, the match was very intense, there was a lot of tension, so there was also a waste of very high energies at the nervous level “.

The cooling break was the decisive moment. What did he say to the team?
“It was a moment when they had shot a lot, we couldn’t get the game in hand. I put Di Maria largo and Cuadrado on the other side, nothing special. In the second half we threw too many balls on the open field, in that situation you have to close the action, you can’t always score a goal. “

At what point is Bremer’s inclusion?
“I was amazed by his insertion, he has a good foot and he is calm in playing, he played an excellent game. I called him back only once in the second half when he followed Berardi up to halfway, in those situations you have to give up because nothing happens. Could he have played in our times?

“When he scores he is happy, but as I always say, you have to improve in your choices, but I’m happy for him, he needed to score two goals.”

Paredes followed Di Maria from home.
“They are friends, they are Argentines. Can they play together? It is not known, we have to work with the players we have available, the club has made a good transfer, important players have started but have been replaced well. Di Maria? He does not need to receive adjectives”.


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