Liverpool. A bomb exploded in his taxi. “It’s a miracle I’m alive”

A taxi driver from Liverpool, in which a car bombed by a terrorist had exploded a week ago, said on Sunday – referring to the situation publicly for the first time – that it was “a miracle to be alive”.

New information on the terrorist attack in Liverpool. There is a video of the explosion [WIDEO]

British police have no doubts: Sunday’s taxi blast outside Liverpool hospital has been labeled an act of terror. Taxi driver who …

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The event took place when Great Britain was celebrating Remembrance Sunday, during which tribute is paid to the fallen British soldiers. Just before 11. A bomb exploded in a taxi that pulled up in front of one of the Liverpool hospitals. The explosion and fire killed the passenger carrying it, 32-year-old Middle Eastern immigrant Emad al Swealmeen, and the driver, David Perry, managed to jump out of the vehicle at the last minute and sustained only minor injuries.

“On behalf of ourselves, Rachel and our family, we would like to thank everyone for all your wishes for recovery and for your incredible dedication. We are deeply moved by this. Special thanks to staff at Liverpool Women’s Hospital, Aintree Hospital staff and medical team, Merseyside County Police and Anti-Terrorist Police who were all amazing, “Perry wrote in a statement.

“I feel it is a miracle that I am alive and I am happy that no one else has been hurt in this nefarious act. I now need time to try to recover from what has happened and focus on my recovery, both mentally and physically. Please be polite, be vigilant and stay safe, ”he added.

In the statement, he did not refer to the reports given the day after the explosion by some media, which, citing his friends and social media entries, wrote that seeing that a passenger was manipulating the explosive, he locked it from the inside in the passenger compartment of the car, and then just before the explosion, he managed to jump out of the car. On the basis of these accounts of mind and courage, he was congratulated by Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Liverpool Mayor Joanne Anderson.

However, his wife Rachel denied these press reports earlier this week. “The explosion happened while he was in the car and it was a miracle how he got away. He must have had some guardian angels to look after him. There are a lot of rumors going around that he was a hero and locked a passenger inside the car … but the truth is he is undoubtedly lucky to be alive. Pray that it doesn’t happen to anyone else, ”she said.

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