Liverpool, the suicides of the fans present at Hillsborough and the Champions final

At the Stade de France, before the match between Real and Reds, supporters had experienced moments of panic and chaos. Among these were 150 Englishmen who had already escaped the tragedy of 1989. Two of them, according to the Equipe, took their own lives because they did not overcome the new trauma

It is a dramatic implication, which illustrates the importance of safety in stadiums, in terms of prevention and management of fan flows. What was missing last May 28 at the Champions League final at the Stade de France where there were peaks of tension, with moments of panic among the fans. Especially for those of Liverpool. Among these were also a group of 150 Englishmen who had already escaped the 1989 Hillsborough tragedy, when 96 people perished in the Fa Cup final between the Reds and Nottingham Forrest. Two of them committed suicide, according to what the Equipe reported today, because they did not overcome the new trauma experienced in the spring, on the sidelines of the match between Liverpool and Real Madrid.


Indeed, the May final was even delayed due to problems at the stadium entrances. Thanks to a transport strike and a mass of fans around the stadium, the situation had gotten out of hand with the authorities. Also due to the raids of groups of malicious young people who not only stormed the turnstiles, but also robbed unarmed spectators, causing uncontrolled movements, which some agents tried to block using tear gas and batons. Thus chaos broke out. The final started more than an hour late, but the damage was already done. Especially for those Liverpool fans who were hoping to live a cheerful evening, away from the nightmare already experienced 33 years ago.


Too much for two of them who took their own lives. One, a few days after the final, a second last week: “There are investigations underway – Peter Scarfe, president of the association of victims who survived the drama of Hillsborough explains to the team -, but they are two people of 52 and 63 years who have again suffered the trauma of 1989 that they perhaps thought they had overcome. What happened at the Sade de France has many points in common with Hillsborough: the mass of people who risked being crushed, the entrances blocked, the false accusations against the fans of the Reds by the French authorities, like the English ones at the time “. 11 are now following psychological therapy, financed by the association.

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