Livia Brito Pulls on Her Lycra and Exposes Her Curves in a Tight Swimsuit

Showing off with a seductive gaze, the beautiful Cuban actress unleashed the low passions of her fans by showing off her dreamy body with a small swimsuit

Once again, the beautiful Cuban actress, Livia Brito unleashed the low passions of thousands of users in the internet world after posting a striking photograph on her social networks, where she showed off her dreamy body by wearing a small swimsuit that stood out each of its sweeping curves.

As everyone knows, the famous protagonist of “Italian Girl Comes to Get Married” has been quite busy in recent weeks due to the filming of “La Desalmada” , a Mexican soap opera in which she once again plays the main role alongside José Ron, which It will be released on July 5 on the channel of the Stars.

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Although his work schedule is very tight, Brito always finds time in his day to communicate with his loyal fans through his digital platforms, especially Instagram, with which he usually interacts with them much more since this post with more frequency.

On this occasion, the beautiful actress of “Triumph of Love” shared an attractive image through her personal account on the camera’s social network, where she delighted the gazes of her six million fans, where she did not have a single pinch of shame in exposing her curvy figure from the edge of a pool on the beaches of Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca.

The television host dazzled everyone after showing her best angle in front of the camera lens, as she decided to show her shapely silhouette while posing in profile and wearing a fitted white swimsuit, which allowed her to contemplate her curves and he pulled on the edge of it to frame his rear.

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At 34 years of age, Livia Brito continues to cause a great sensation on social networks, since thanks to her Latin beauty and shapely silhouette she has been able to captivate millions of Internet users, who keep an eye on each of her new work projects and to encourage her relentlessly and give her your unconditional support.

“One of the moments that I enjoy the most in my life, my #BebesDeLuz is being near the sea, letting the breeze reach me and seeing all the seagulls fly”, was the message that the beautiful Cuban placed in the description to accompany her Photography.

The publication, as expected, managed to attract the attention of a large number of users in a short time, since no more than 15 hours have elapsed but the image already has almost 170 thousand reactions of likes in the shape of a red heart.


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