Livorno, Paola Micalizio had lost consciousness on the rocks: the daughter of the former super policeman who disappeared in Elba and then found will be interrogated

LIVORNO. She was walking with the dog in an inaccessible area of ​​Procchio, a renowned seaside resort on the island of Elba, when she slipped off the cliff, together with the animal. The dog died shortly after, probably by drowning. She passed out for quite a while, before recovering and realizing that she would not be able to get back up and was stuck between rocks and sea.
This, from what we learn, is the reconstruction of the facts that saw Marina Paola Micalizio as protagonist in spite of herself, the 48-year-old woman – daughter of the super policeman Pippo Micalizio – who disappeared on Sunday and was found last night on an inaccessible cliff in the municipality of Marciana Marina, in province of Livorno, after being at sea for about 16 hours.

Island of Elba, the daughter of super policeman Pippo Micalizio was found alive among the rocks

Even the injuries sustained by the woman, some bruises and bruises, would be compatible with the story told by the 48-year-old herself to the rescuers.
To give the alarm, with a complaint to the carabinieri of Marciana Marina, was the husband, on vacation with the woman on the Tuscan island.
The discharge from the hospital is now awaited, scheduled between tonight and tomorrow, then she will be questioned by the investigators. From what he learns LaPresse the woman, after being recovered at sea from a civil protection rubber dinghy, was transported to the hospital in Grosseto, where she is still kept under observation in the emergency medicine department. Precisely because of her state of shock, the investigating authorities have not yet been able to receive a version of the facts from the woman and expects her to recover.

Island of Elba, firefighters are looking for the missing woman with dogs, drones and divers

As soon as she is discharged, it is assumed within 24 hours, the last pieces of the story will be defined which seems, to the investigators themselves, now clear: the woman fell from the rocks, fainted, and remained there, without a mobile phone, waiting for help. who recovered and saved it after about 16 hours of incessant searches, by sea, by land and with the use of drones.

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