Livorno, the brigade fines the police after a chase in the wrong direction: what happened

A chase in the wrong direction, then the fine. It happened in Livorno, where the policemen who called the brigade for an accident were sanctioned

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A chase, the call to municipal police and then the fine. It was not the person who darted aboard a scooter chased by a steering wheel that paid the price, but the policeman driving the steering wheel itself.

The brigade fines the police, what happened

In the night between Monday 24 October and Tuesday 25 a police car in Livorno invited a centaur aboard a scooter to stop his race, but the man did not stop and started to speed along via Meyer.

This is why the steering wheel set off in pursuit along the streets of the city center, but Via Meyer is located in a residential area where there are cars parked on each side of the road.

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In Livorno the local police fined the driver of a police car

The state police car took the road in the wrong direction to get to the fugitive first, but in a sudden maneuver to avoid a pedestrian crossing it collided with a parked car.

Meanwhile, the man aboard the scooter has disappeared. The policemen therefore called the municipal police to investigate the accident, but the brigade did fined the driver of the steering wheel.

The sanction did not start for the race against the traffic, given that the action took place in the context of a pursuit. The fine was applied following the driver’s loss of control of the vehicle. The amount fixed by the fine was 29 euros.

The reactions from the Police Headquarters

As ‘La Nazione’ writes, an atmosphere of nuisance due to the fact that the policemen were doing their job in pursuing the man aboard the scooter, and above all they were fulfilling the duty of citizens by calling the municipal to complete all the formalities of an accident.

Asked by ‘La Nazione’, the Police Headquarters specified that damage to another vehicle “emerges a insurance problem”Involving third parties.

Furthermore, the pedestrian who was crossing at that moment and who brought the steering wheel to perform the maneuver was not traceable in order to testify about the incident.

Some precedents

The police fine by the brigade, however, is not uncommon. In September 2022 in Cassino the local police fined colleagues from nearby Gaeta, who had parked in a double row preventing some motorists from leaving the parking area.

In 2019 the SIAP police union raised a controversy in Genoa as the traffic police had often notified fines against policemen who had not respected the highway code.

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Photo source: iSTOCK

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