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Then Liz Dany Field, a dancer barranquilla of 18 years, became known in Colombia and in other corners of the world to be commissioned to teach Shakira the spectacular dance steps that the artist did in the Super Bowl in 2020, now the young man returned to give the talk of networks, but this time by a delicate fact.

This weekend it became viral a video that I saw Liz having sex, and although he did not manage to appreciate your face, hair, purple was the track for that followers to ensure that it was the barranquilla.

The clip, which was removed by herself, diffused in networks and in few minutes trending, so that the name of Liz rang again and your followers on Instagram began to increase.

Before the reviews and hundreds of comments received by the dancer, she ruled in their networks and clarified the situation, mentioning that he had been the victim of hackers.

“I’m not so well, but I also have that apagarme, I’m with the best attitude and pitch pa’ in front of it. We must face all that is to come now because I know there are a lot of people that you want to see me badly and other people I want to see as well as all those people who have written to me, have supported me with this that just happened,” said the dancer.

He added that “they Tried to ‘hack’ my Instagram, thank God I was able to remove that thing that is not right, a little late, but no matter, I’m not going to be sad because it is what they want to see in me, is something that is not going in me, to be off”. However, some users have claimed that the clip had been a strategy of Liz to gain more followers, which in his time was said of Andrea Valdiri when they spread their intimate photos.

This is the video that Liz shared in their stories explaining what happened.

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